Tyke was so excited. He was finally back. After 2 years, he was back home and so sure that he could now make his parents proud of him. Maybe even take him back. He picked up his bag and got off the cab. "Thanks for the lift man!" he said in high spirits.

"No problem!" the driver said before zooming off into the distance. Tyke stared at the picket fence. It brought back so many memories and that made him smile. He felt his heart pulsing so strongly. He felt so nervous. What if they didn't want him back? NO that was exactly what he told himself he wouldn't think.

Tyke took a deep breath in and opened the fence. He noticed a dint in the wood and smiled.

Ah yes, of course he remembered how this happened. Now, this wasn't something Tyke was proud of cause you see, as a teenager her was kind of a rebel. That night his parents were out of town for an old friend's funeral so he invited around 50 people over and well, 50 turned into 100 and it got a bit out of control. Not that he cared; he was too busy doing pot with his pals to notice. Then some drunken idiot smashed the fence thinking that it was a person.

He sighed honestly hoping that his parents would believe him when he said that he had turned over a new leaf. Then he saw a little clay pot with a small plant inside on the sidewalk. The pot was was covered with green paint with a little blob which was meant to be a flower and of course he recognised it. He had given it to his mother when he was 8 for mother's day. Tyke smiled. He couldn't believe his mum had kept it after all these years.

He felt a tear prickle his eyes remembering how much she had cried when he left. How tightly she embraced him before he walked out the door. How much pain he had made her go through because of his stupid arrogance.

Then he saw a red stain on the floor. It had faded quite a bit. Looking at it reminded how much damage he had done to his home before he left. He just couldn't believe that there was blood on the footpath. Blood that was there because of him. Because some idiot git in Tykes nerved one night. Yeah, because he got mad, his parents were left with a disgusting blood stain of someone who was probably put in jail.

Then he reached the wooden veranda. Hanging from it were few flower pots. It must be blooming season because all the flowers were opening. It never looked like that when he was home. They would always be destroyed by either Tyke or one of his friends.

Finally, Tyke reached the front door. The tattered fly net that was there when he had lived there was replaced with a gorgeous new one and the door had been re-painted. At the foot of the door was a welcome mat with the morning newspaper on it. Surely his parents were home if the papers were still there. It was only 8 in the morning anyway. Where could they have possibly gone? Tyke raised his hands to the doorbell and moved 2 fingers closer to it but couldn't bring himself to press it. Come on. He told himself. Just do it. Don't hesitate!

He gulped and clicked the doorbell and heard it echo through the door. He joined his hands together, intertwining them within each other in front of his stomach and moved his bag onto his shoulder. When they opened the door, they wouldn't see some teenage delinquent; no they would see a son that they can be proud of

Tyke held his breath. It felt like hours had passed. Why had no one opened the door? Every second felt longer than the one earlier. It felt time had slowed down drastically. He couldn't wait to see his parents again.

Then he saw the door slowly open. Slowly, as the door opened, he saw more and more of the person behind it. Slowly, he saw a middle aged man appear. Slowly, he began to see his father again. Time felt like it stopped.

Tyke knew he had tears in his eyes. He suddenly remembered his last encounter with his father and it felt like it had happened just an hour ago.

He remembered the remorseful look in his father's eyes when he held the bag of marijuana in one hand and a machete in the other. He remembered the look of shock in his parent's faces. He remembered his father's disappointed face when he returned from the funeral and the house was trashed. He remembered how angry his father was when he had to bail Tyke out of jail in the middle of the night. And the look on his father's face when he found out Tyke had taken his car without permission and smashed it into a pole. And each memory of his father's disappointment hit him on the inside like needles to the heart.

And yet, all of those incidents combined didn't even compare to the look on his father's face when he told him to leave the house and never return. The only time he ever had tears in his eyes. He knew how disappointed his father that day. Of course. He had already packed all of Tyke's things. He couldn't even look Tyke in the eyes. And tyke knew it was his own fault that his father had done that to him. His father told him to leave for good. He and his wife no longer had anything to do with Tyke. He told Tyke that he was no longer his son. Tyke knew that everything he had done to his parents and everything they did for him; he couldn't in his whole life repay them for it.

Tyke tears began to flow. He smiled and reached his arms toward the door. "Da-"

Before he could finish, the door had slammed in his face. Tyke froze. He remained still for a few seconds. Then he slowly dropped his hands and his smile slowly dropped. His tears continued. His father didn't even want to look at him. His father didn't even want to hear his voice. He really wanted nothing to do with Tyke. And although he thought he had prepared himself for this, he remembered nothing can prepare you for such rejection. He fell to his knees. What could he do? Not even is father wanted him. How could he do anything when his father didn't acknowledge his existence? Tyke began to pick himself up to leave. It was obvious he wasn't wanted there.

"Tyke?" He heard someone say softly and slowly. He looked up but didn't even need to before her knew who it was. Yes, that beautiful face. He stood up and began to run towards her. She opened the fence and also began to run towards him.

"My goodness Tyke. My Tyke! You're really here!" she said crying as the two of them embraced. Her head was on his shoulder and her tears flowed out at an amazing rate.

"Mum," he cried. "Mum!" his voice began to hiccup and waver. Tyke almost couldn't believe that he was in his mother's arms again. He felt her warmth and her smell. How he missed it. "I'm sorry! I… I'm so sorry."

"Shh…," she said through her tears. The two of them continued to cry and hug each other in silence.

After a few moments, Tyke's father opened the door and called his wife in.

"You wait." She said to Tyke with the smooth comforting voice that kept him at bay. "I'll talk to your father."

He wanted to hold her back. Nothing would stop his father from hating him. You can't talk someone out of hating. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. Perhaps it was fear but he couldn't hold his mum back.

He watched the two of them talk for a while. Suddenly, he felt like a child again watching his parents argue about how they were going to handle his skipping school. He didn't want to watch this again. Tyke took in the deepest breath he could without he's breath breaking halfway. "D..Dad! Mum!" he said. Then he got down to his knees and placed his head on the floor. "I know. I know how much trouble I gave you when I was younger and I don't intend to return if both you don't want me here. B... but … I… Please forgive me." He said. The tears began to run again. He closed he eyes and began to do a little crying coughs. "I'm so sorry… I'm sorry f…for not being a good son. I'm sorry that I couldn't make you proud. I'm so sorry!"

He's parents watched him in shock. They never imagined their son doing such a thing. To THEM. He used to be so proud that he wouldn't bow even if his life depended on it!

"I'M SORRY THAT I MADE YOU HATE ME… but, but I can change, no I have changed. I'll do anything you want me to. Whether you never want to see me again or even if you want me to go kill myself…"

His parents were taken aback by his words. Hate him? Kill himself? His mother had tears in her eyes. Her hand covered her mouth as her tears covered her cheek and she watched her son as she had never seen him before. The two of them couldn't believe these words. How much their son must have changed for him to have said those words to them.

Tyke continued to talk. He continued to apologise for not being good enough. And his parents continued to take in what their son was saying. And they continued to feel his pain.

His father walked up to him. "Get up boy. You're disgracing yourself. Disgracing US."

Tyke quickly got to his feet and wiped his cheeks. His father TALKED to him!

"Now you're right. You are a terrible son."

Tyke nodded looking at his feet like a child who was being reprimanded. What had he expected? A compliment? A welcoming message?

"I was never EVER proud of you"

He nodded again.

"And boy you gave a LOT and I mean A LOT of trouble."

He nodded.

"And you can't ever fix the damage you've done to us. EVER"

He nodded again.

His father sighed and took in a deep breath. He then put his hand on his sons shoulder and leaned his head onto his hand.

"But… I… I've never once hated you. And I never will… as much of a disgrace as you are."

Tyke looked up and his eyes brightened. His father was now facing the opposite direction

"Now, I don't know what you've been through over the last few years but it's clear to me that you've changed… so I'll give you a chance. Come home."

Tyke smiled trying to catch his breath again. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard. He nodded happily

"But one screw up and you're off again. Got it?"

"Promise." He said trying to catch his breath.

His mother walked up to him again, her eyes all bludgy and red and teary. She hugged him tightly. Two years' worth of hugs.

"Welcome home son," his father said patting him on the back.