Hate doesn't exist on the world's stage until rage grabs hold of this sage whose fate remains uncertain. Away from the spotlight, there is an ongoing internal mental fight between good and evil, Jesus and the devil. Bloodstained swords, tongues are used as instruments of war. Behind closed doors, severely injured bloody tired bodies hit the floors and sing nomore sweet melodies. Yelling throughout the midnight hour, violence is the answer for every problem. Driving in separate cars, the scars on a person's face speak louder than any I love you. Fearful, noone is ever safe in this kingdom of tears where freedom fighters die as the result of not receiving tender loving care. Killing hope are the murderers of love who find it hard to stay together forever. Insane and consumed with pain, they make me believe love is dead along with God. These days getting a divorce happens on a regular basis. There is no need to create new happy memories by having babies or giving into a voice of reason. In a beautiful dying world where there are less miracles, the lord and his holy word doesn't exist. Pessimistic, living happily ever after seems like a distant dream and all credit is due to doubt in the absence of good news.