Breathless, you are moving about in a very delicate state and I am speechless. You are slipping through my hands just like fairy dust and I know Jesus Christ will be coming for you really soon. Your dying soul shouts out onto the heavens, passing white stallions. The wild horses come and drag you away to your castle in the sky where you experience the kindness of ravens. A marble angel statue stands in your place serving as a constant reminder of your absence at daylight. Gone too soon, you are united with Jesus in one spirit, therefore you will never be alone. Since you have been gone, I am mouse trying to find my way around our former house of love. Still here time after time, separation is never an option for us. You may be only just a ghost and yet you make me to feel less lonely at nighttime. Every December you remember me who loves you the most and our worlds collide into one. Unconscious, we dwell within the same spiritual zone where I break out of my shell and hell doesn't come between us. I see you walk toward me and we can't move forward unless I feel your skin press up against mine. Come on, let us talk right now instead of waiting later. What do you want from me? you answer me in the form of a whisper within a prayer and then disappear.