Once before the dawn of time

And the emptiness of the void

Exists only two beings

Solaris, the flame of heavens

Who lights the empty space

And Luna, the successor of twilight

Whom the night owes its faint radiance

There came a time when who we call the world,

Or perhaps the universe or God or truth or all or one

Spawned yet another breathe of life


As ages went by, the two firstborns grew closer to each other

It didn't take long till they fell in love with each other

This brought an anomaly to the nature of everything

For the two aren't supposed to be brought together

Solaris has the duty of lighting up the mortal day

And Luna on the other hand, posses the opposite role

Illuminating the mortal world swallowed by the night

As they went off together, the mortal world was enveloped in utter darkness

The mortals called upon their creator

And he simply cannot ignore their cries

So he brought Solaris and Luna back to where they used to be

Bound them apart

He raised masses of land and so came the mountains

He up welled water from beneath the ground and so came the oceans

Both meant to come between the two

Time went on and on

And the pain of longing for their other half grew more and more intense

As the two went through painful days of encircling the world

Knowing that the other one is on the opposite side

The Creator saw this and was heartened

So he allowed the two to see each other

Twice a mortal year, depending on the circumstances that is

Their meetings later was called eclipse

During only these times shall humanity know the sacrifice made by the two

For their greater good