"Abu Dawud's Law" by Neo Nazi, March 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Freedom of religion is one of the most basic and longstanding individual and civil rights in America, and the premise of equality is that every individual in American society has the right to dignity and freedom from intimidation and harassment for who they are and what they believe.

Abu Dawud's Law

Police Officers Karen Zraick and Andy Newman were feeding their bellies with some second-rated sandwiches and stale French fries.

"You reckon one of these was made by the mud people?" Andy offered, his eyes leisurely monitoring some fresh Muslim immigrants playing on the street in the close proximity of some water line work.

"Possible …" Karen threw back, mouthful making her answer less audible. "Fuckin' lemmings ..." Andy made a "Shhhh!" sign with his index finger pointing to their radio communication devices.

"Oh, c'mon now … gimme a break!" Karen sneered and then scratched her vagina, young Muslim immigrant boy looking shyly towards her, checking her out in secret as well. "Our world is hierarchical." She took another bite of the sandwich, making a grimace, remembering suddenly that it could have been prepared by one-of-those-that-do-not-use-toilet-paper-due-to-their-religious-beliefs. "I mean … look around …", she swallowed hard, getting angry she did not have some drink along as well, "… Each of us is a member of the Aryan, or European race, which, like the other races …", she struggled to swallow, "… developed its special characteristics over many thousands of years."

She paused, waiting for Andy to make some comment. He did not. Instead, he stared with a passionate hatred towards some Muslim women dressed in hijabs.

"What about female circumcision though?" He took another bite.

"Female circumcision is actually a pre-Islamic practice, especially in countries with hot weather." Karen paused, watching some fat women drink water, spilling some over their obviously porous mouths. "It is still being practiced …", she finished her "lunch" and then threw used paper bag into garbage can, "… especially in Africa, and …", there was some commotion in the block nearby and they froze, getting ready for immediate action, " … interestingly …", the commotion was resolved on its own, "… by many non-Muslim groups as well. There are some Jewish groups that still practice it, for example." There was a Jewish student passing by, Muslims looking at him, their game paused for a moment. Young, gaunt man almost blushed red in the face, throwing some secretive stares towards Police Officers.

"What about the females though …" Andy finished his sandwich as well, saliva dropping from his mouth as he imagined things by staring at young Muslim female with her breasts still budding.

"Muslim students are known to hide their families' religious values …", Karen waited for Andy to return to his seat, "… Ramadan fasting becomes a diet to lose weight, while not going to the mall is a matter of baby-sitting duties." More Muslim women came with their children, joining the previously targeted group. Andy checked on his weapons, just in case … "Some girls leave home wearing the loose-fitting clothes their parents require but carry something tighter to change into on reaching school." Andy immediately got a penis erection, throwing a casual glance at his "old partner", Karen.

"The beneficial health consequences of male circumcision are widely known …", Karen waited for some nosy guy to move away from them, "… although some medical groups have begun to waver as to whether they are sufficiently great to justify the fact that infants are circumcised 'against their will'. Another Jewish student passed by but this time Muslim boys and girls did not stopped to take a watch. A group of skinheads with the tattooed swastikas on their pale skin already attacked poor, miserable jinx, dragging him to the dark alley in the vicinity before Andy and Karen could check on the situation. Two Muslim women made some comment, squinting with their eyes on the sun.

"Did you know that Los Angeles alone boasts such exotic food fare as the Chinese Islamic Restaurant and the Thai Islamic Restaurant?" Andy eyed Karen for a moment, turning back since he had some "precognition". He turned back since the street was clear. "In fact … the largest numbers of immigrants derive from three main sources: South Asia, Iran, and the Arabic-speaking countries."

"Really?" Karen felt horny and tried to squeeze Andy's erected masculinity but he slapped her hand like a parent, grinning widely and shaking his index finger in "no-no" fashion.

"Yes." He checked remnants of sandwich with his tongue, and then looked straight ahead. Eventually he had to give up and let Karen withdraw his masculinity. As she played with it, he continued in a cool manner. "The single largest group of Muslim immigrants is from South Asia …"

"You mean … Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan?"

"That's right." Andy did not like when women talked while performing their regular duties. He made a sound with his tongue, checking the back mirror. "They are followed by perhaps 300,000 Iranians and 600,000 from the Arab countries." He had to close his eyes since Karen was doing it really good. "Shi'is …", he had an ejaculation and half-opened his mouth in orgasm, wishing Karen could check on any possible passer-bys.

"You were sayin'?" Karen wiped her fingers and then wiped the surplus of biological material from Andy's pants just in case some control checks on them.

"Where was I?" He gave Karen a long kiss, thanking her. She immediately attended to her lipstick afterwards. "Ah, yes. Shi'is …", Andy realized sun was moving towards the horizon slowly, "… who make up about 10 percent of the worldwide Muslim population …", some police sirens echoed in the nearby blocks, "… probably make up about the same percentage of the U.S. Muslim population."

"Uh-hum …", Karen did no wish to speak, finding her secret reserve of some rye to clear her mouth cavity.

"But …", Andy suddenly felt guilty for previously staring at those young Muslim girls in such a barbaric way, "… the first free Muslim immigrants may date back to the later 16th century, when captured Muslim soldiers were deposited on the coast of North Carolina and elsewhere in the South." Three punks were passing them by, extending their middle fingers to them. Andy felt too lazy to get up, his masculine area still "hot".

"If so …", Karen checked herself in the mirror, watching three bozos leave their immediate proximity, "… then the Melungeons, swarthy whites living on the Cumberland Plateau in remote parts of the southeastern United States …, from Virginia to Kentucky …", Karen glanced at Andy and wished she could continue in some hotel room with him, "… may be their descendants …"

"Ahm … interesting … but …", Muslim immigrants started to leave the area, some stray cats examining the area behind them, "… unfortunately it's plausible …"

They sat in silence for a while, still ignoring various calls from their radio dispatcher. Female voice had a soft "r" pronunciation.

"But …", Andy placed hands behind his neck, staring at some reports stuck behind the sun-screen, "… Islamic law has a well-defined tradition of jurisprudence." He exhaled soundly, smelling remains of his natural bio-fluid. He knew that Karen knew he wished to have some much younger girl for his biological needs at the Police Officer. "The sources of Islamic law include both revelation and reason." He glanced meekly at Karen, checking on her. She stared towards the horizon where some scarce ships still managed to make profits from the international trade. "The efforts of scholars to attain understanding of the sharî`ah …"

"Oh, wait!" Karen was still staring in the distance, her vision blurred. "That's the Divine Law, correct?"

"Right." Andy noticed she had a pink bra. "Through various tools …", Andy realized Karen started to drift away, not paying much of the attention to hismutterings. "… and it is called ijtihâd." Karen soon sniffed some white powder, offering him some. He flatly refused, lighting up his crack-coteine smoke.

After they both got high, feeling elated and inspired, they did not feel like talking. Soft breeze was cooling their sweat.

"Did you know that although there is no reference to circumcision at all in the Qur'an …", more Muslim immigrants came to the park area, some dogs following them. " … there is a well-established tradition of male circumcision in Islam as a 'sunnah' act. In the Abrahamic tradition …", three Jewish students immediately hid their Molotov's cocktails noticing parked police cruiser, "… this act is understood as a fulfillment of a covenant with God, but …", Andy checked on those three Jewish students, wishing he could have their mommas right now, "… there are numerous health reasons for the practice. There is no mandate at all for female circumcision, however …, neither in the Qur'an, the traditional reports that are called hadith …", Some elderly Jews were strolling along in the neighboring block, Muslim immigrants checking on them visually, "… nor medical theory." Karen smiled at him, apologizing for not listening.

Andy switched on the radio and they listened to some music for a while. Some birds were feeding on crumbles in their vicinity.

"Did you know that for Muslims …", Slow Jews were approaching and they tried to look better, straightening their jackets, "… cliterodectomy and infibulation should be considered harâm, or prohibited practices and opposition to it …", Karen smiled at the Jews with a white beard and he made slow nod, acknowledging her presence on the planet, "… should be part of our ongoing mandate to fight against superstition and oppression." Andy smiled at her and grabbed her tit, giving her a long kiss. She immediately tried to defend, pushing him away.

"I think we'd better leave now …"

"What about the Muzzies though?" Andy was still feeling high after the smoke.

"Here ...", Karen made an exit and then shoved Andy from the driver's seat. "I'll drive …"

Some bald guys were checking on them visually, smiling and grinning politely, then turning their pre-determined attention and undivided focus towards the park area.