Warning : This is all purely fiction. No relation to the deads or the lives. No plagarism.

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The alarm clock rang and I jumped up. I glance at the digital clock and gasped. It's almost 7! I jumped out of my bed and rushed into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth in a super speedy speed and flew to the wardrobe and took out my uniform.

"I'm gonna be late, I'm gonna be late!" I muttered as I zipped my pants up and rushed downstairs. "Aaron! Don't want to have breakfast?" My mum shouted as I tied my shoelaces. "No thanks mum! I'm in a hurry!" I replied and grab my bag and rushed off.

I reached the school just in time. My watch showed 7.27 am. The distance from my house to the school took almost half an hour. I wiped my sweat and took a deep breath before walking into the class. My Mathematics teacher, Mr. Alex turned and his mocha brown eyes stared at me. "I'm sorry sir!" I bowed and look up. eyes was still fixed onto me.

"Aaron Stone."

"Y-Yes sir?"

"You are late."

"I know that sir-"

"And you failed your middle-year test."

"I what?"

I stared back. This is ridiculous! I was always acing my Mathematics! I took the paper from and look at it. A big 38 written in red ink was written on the top right of the paper. A sigh escaped my mouth. Maybe I was too addicted to playing video games until my grades fell.

"You are to stay back for after-school tuition. Meet me at 3, library. Now return to your seat please." I almost died. After-school tuition? My cheeks flushed as I walked back to my seat when some of the kids shot me some weird looks. Some of them were mocking looks. I tried to ignore them.

The class slowly emptied. I sighed and pack my books and walked straight to the library. I pushed open the door and saw Mr. Alex sitting on one of the computer stalls typing. There was no one in there and the air-cond was chilling into my flesh.

"Mr. Alex?" I started out. turned and saw me. He stood up and walked towards me where I almost stop breathing. "You came." He said, his voice as deep and manly as before. His tall figure stepped nearer to me and the red hair man bent.

I tried to sound calm. "Y-You said you were giving me tuitions." I stuttered. smirked and suddenly he pulled me and threw me on one of the library desk. I groaned and froze when he lean over and tilt my chin with a finger.

His mocha eyes stare at me and I blushed. What am I doing? I thought, my heartbeat increased again. "So beautiful, so cute...this virgin face..." said huskily and without warning he kissed me hard. I was startled and moan when he kneed my erection. How can I get hard for a man? I thought, starting to think that I'm crazy.

His tongue slipped into my mouth while his left hand unbuttoned my school uniform. "..." I panted when he broke the kiss. "Shh...Do not speak and just enjoy." He said, his tongue travelling down from my lips to neck. He stopped at there, sucking and forming a red mark. I moaned. His left hand finished unbuttoning my shirt and it lustfully slide down and unzipped my pants.

I let out a moan of protest. "N-No..." I grabbed his hand. But he pushed away my hand. "Don't say no, you need this badly, don't you." He whispered at my ear and I shivered. His hand grabbed my penis and started stroking it. "Unnh..."I moan in pleasure.

This feels so good, I thought, and flinched when his thumb rubbed the tip of my penis. Soon, I came and the cums spurted on 's coat. I blinked. "S-Sorry !" I gasped. He didn't reply, instead he removed my pants and an alarmed look crossed my face. He gave me an assuring smile and unzipped his own pants.

I almost died when I saw his giant penis. Without wasting time, he started to finger me. My back arched away from the desk as I moan in estacsy. Not long after I was fully lubed he thrust in without mercy. I let out a cry of pain as he thrust in with one thrust and it went deep into my anus. My fingers dug into his shoulder as he pump me, the speed increasing everytime he pull out.

Finally he came inside me and I feel my soul shattering. The feeling was undefinable and I was enjoying it. He pulled out and kissed me again, stroking hairs away from my face. "Aaron Stone, I love you." whispered and I closed my eyes, muttering 'I love you' too.

After the incident, I found out that my middle-year test marks were fake. He had purposely wrote 38 instead of 90 on my test paper just to fuck me. And I thought, what the hell?

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