Resting peacefully in his holiness' arms, dark angelic ghostly presence be God's hands. Just breathe, see the world through the eyes of grace and experience a new age of innocence. Unbreakable skyscraper, heroic courage has a brand new name that is not so lame. Coming in the form of nurture, a parent's love is as pure as snow in this game of life. Fame doesn't stand a chance in this promise land and everything will never be the same. Crawling out from under ashes and thunder, tragic romantic poetic tragedy, comedy is here to stay forever. All the small simple fragile things of life fly on the delicate wings of a dove. Young strong music prodigy wish away the demon possessed dancer known as cancer. Sing a lullaby instead of saying goodbye, brown-eyed chocolate cookie baby. Tenderhearted, be sensitive toward mother nature and endure another adventure full of magic. Watch the sunrise and catch a train to go back home where there is less rain and pain. Feeling a moment of true endless happiness, laugh out loud. Soar as high as a kite and then take a bite out of heaven like a piece of pie. Taking a leap of faith, a pillow is a white cloud is an one huge cotton ball. Tie a pink ribbon around a willow tree and think positive thoughts such as giving birth. Chasing after butterflies, fall in love with blue skies and listen to the cries of newborn babies.