On this big blue ball that we call earth, there are a few things that really make this world shine. Things that make this place worth living in. From the cheer and joy of a small child, to an old couple who still have the special spark from when their love began. A list, not a very large one, exists with these rare items. One of these lovely, rare objects is a father's love for his son and just how much love there is.

There's a situation when one has a child and the parents are split, the child taken to live with just one. How does the mother or father handle that? I couldn't begin to tell you since I have much to experience, but maybe a different point of view would be best. Ever though it probably isn't the best source, television sure opens the eyes to many a thing! Then again, actually seeing the love is something that is not easily forgotten.

Take for instance a father who's forced to be away from his six year old song, his mother not really the best sort of woman. Sure, there was love there once, but something must have happened to make that love vanish. So, what happens to the child in their care? What are they supposed to think about in this type of situation? Of course, the child is only six years of age, but they still see and understand things in a different kind of light.

What does the father do with an issue like this? What sort of thoughts race through his distracted mind? It really makes you wonder how they handle something like that. How is it they stay so strong? How does the father find the will to push through this situation when all seems so bad? I guess the love that's there provides the ability to get through such a heartache. Perhaps, that is and will always be the answer to a father's unanswered question of what to do now and how to push around it.

I know of a really superb father that loves his son to no end. I know of a father that does anything to keep his son smiling for a smile makes all the difference in the world. I know for a fact that this father is superb, whether he thinks so or not. Whenever his son is brought up into a conversation, I can just see the smile on his face and the joy he feels is something that probably could not be explained with these words. Yeah, a father's love for his son is such a breathtaking thing to behold. It's worth so much more than silver or gold. So, it is just as I said. On the blue ball we call earth; there is many a thing that causes it to shine. And if you're looking with care, you may just stumble upon the reason why.