The Chicago Tribune; a wonderful and popular newspaper. It fits right into the category of great papers like The New York Times. Now, as one awakes within the art filled state of Chicago, the air is fresh, being poured into lungs that seem as deeps as wells. The sun spills over the concrete and shiny glass buildings, giving new life to each and every city. Many start to arise, preparing for the early morning rush hour and the awaiting, busy work schedule. During this hectic quarter of the day, one might stop to pick up the daily news from the local stands or shops, scanning through the various titles. However, before another letter, and word, another sentence is read, the sighting of a particular name halts the eyes and draws them in. 'We Are Who We Are" By: Andromeda Galatea, pg. 9'. Instantly, one recognizes this and the pages flutter and ripple with sound in search of the article, wondering what phrases had been spun this time around...

"Good Morning, Chicago! This is Andromeda Galatea, your out of this world, down to earth news writer, bring you another article. What is this one about, you ask? Well, let me start by telling you of my best friend. It really was a blast from the past just a few weeks ago when I was having a lovely breakfast out in the town. He looked the same; even if he was a few years older than his high school self. He still had gorgeous, shoulder length hair; the hue a mix of blue and black, very dark. His eyes were still the brightest jade I had ever seen. He still had a dashing smile, warm face, the body of a male model, and a magnetic personality. Naturally, he had many women pining after him...that is until he sat a few tables away from me and kissed his boyfriend. That's right, my best friend is gay. Course, there is a mask of shock on the faces of different women, but then they smile and giggled amongst themselves. This, however, is not the thing that caught my eye. What got me upset and what I made one of the main topics of this piece was the looks of disgust upon the faces of others at this public display of affection. He is gay and those people looked down their noses at him because of that. Why? Why look down on him as though he weren't a human being?

I'm sure you were drawn to this article by the recognition of my name if you're one of the people that have read my previous article "To be Human". But, now, I would like for you to think about the title of this one. "We Are Who We Are". How very true those words are. Why is it that we, the most intelligent being on earth, are so very stupid and judgmental? We were all made different but we're supposed to be equal. How did we come to be this way? Judging why do we have to add oil and gasoline to an already burning wildfire? So, back to my friend. Remember me saying how disgusted looks were shot his way? Yeah...that's not all that occurred. Words of anger were also shot at him as though he was doing something wrong. I mean, I suppose people have their own beliefs, but why tear him down because of his? I've seen this happen with all sexually oriented people that aren't "straight". And, I really can't decide on what's more irritating...the fact that people care so much about what is proper or the fact that people badger gay's and bisexual's or anyone else until that person is in tears or something worse happens. I mean, really, life is honestly too short to be worried or peckish over such things. Perhaps, when that reality hits you dead in the face, things like sexual orientation won't matter. But, then again, it seems as though pigs have to fly and the depths of hell have to freeze over before that actually happens. Sad, isn't it?

Another thing struck me that really just ought to be over already. It's a strong subject so I have to be extra careful. I'm sure everyone knows of the old times with white people had the top status among the races. I'm sure you all remember the struggle to overthrow that status and claim that all men, women, and children were equal. My point is...all of these events happened years ago so why is the issue of racism still around? Really, when one thinks about it, we're all the same, just different skin tones. But again, we are who we are. There is no serum to magically change the pigmentation of the flesh. If you're black, you're black. If you're Hispanic/Latin, then you're Hispanic/Latin. If you're white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, or pink, then so be it! You are who you were made to be. If no one else likes it, it's their issue then, right?

*Sigh* I suppose this article is more of a rant than anything else, but still. It's going to be 2011 soon, a brand new year, and nothing seems to ever change. Acceptance is still something that is so far's rather sad and hurts the human soul to be honest. Now, there is one other topic that I would like to touch. It's a very sensitive subject, but worth shedding light on; Religion. Why do ye humans worry thyself over such things? I think God or the Gods (depending on your religion and belief) would be saying something like this. Why do we worry about religion so much and why do some beat down others for they believe in, faith wise? Once again, we are who we are. It shouldn't have to please anyone else but you.

Ah well, this is the end of my dialog. If there was a chance to say more, to utter words that people would truly listen to, then I would be gracing at least three more pages with my minds phrases. Now, my fine readers, it is time for me to say farewell to thee. My name is Andromeda Galatea; your pagan, Indian, other worldly but completely human, new writer. You may not like me but, I am who I am and who I will be and there's nothing you can do about that. :)