"Looking up, I see the moon. I see its face and think of you. The sky is so vast, so wide, so filled with stars. I wish to touch them, but like you, they're so very far. Even so, I smile because I know...that you'll always be there like the moon's luminous glow. Each night, I stare at the moon's face. I wonder where you are and if you're safe. From what I feel, I know you're not in harm. Still, I only wish to have you back within my arms. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see the face which I long for. But, as i open them back, it's the moon that shines just like before.

As the nights pass on, as the seasons change, as snow now covers the ground...I still find myself waiting for you, still waiting to be found. Soon, this wait shall end for I know that you'll be here. And even though we'll spend one day together, it'll be worth it, my dear."

...Now, as he came home, paws silent and swift, he knew she'd be waiting there ever so patient. The snow seemed to shimmer in the moon's pure light. All he could see was the love in her eyes. And indeed, they did spend only one day together for this was their curse. But, that day was a gift, filled with love not pain or hurt. The night, it seemed, came quickly upon them. It was time to say farewell to his lover...his mate...his friend. Shifting to a tiger or white, she then walked away, leaving him in the arms of the night...

"Looking up, I see the stars. I wonder if you're traveling far. The night sky tells of your words for me. I can't help but smile as my heart beats happily. Now, I sit here, only thinking of you. My beautiful mat, may your return be soon. This one day we have spent is dear to my heart. But I wish, no, I desire you back with in my arms. I look at the moon and know that she is you...gazing back, softly, at me. I now await the night of your return and pray the year goes quickly. My heart beats heavy because it's love sick. Oh, when you return, I shall be right here. I shall have my arms open for you, my dear."

And come back she did, right into his arms. But this time, she wasn't alone. A little cub in a bundle of warmth looked back at him. Deep, golden browns stared up into his matching ones; the eyes that belonged to his beautiful baby girl. And, on other surprise came with his mate's return...the lifting of their horrid curse. What broke this is something unique. It's the bond of true love, you see. And if you look back or ask an elder of a story to be told. Get ready, young one, for I shall tell you of the story of the Tiger and the Wolf.