So Long to See Your Eyes

It's taken so long to get this far

It's taken so much time getting to where we are now

I've gone from hating your laugh

To adoring the very sound

You went from pulling my hair

To making us the perfect pair

I'll tell you that you're the sweetest person I've ever met

But you would stop me

Saying I'm the best person you've ever talked to

Others just don't understand.

How hard I've fallen for you.

I've never seen your eyes,

But I stare into them every night in my dreams

Every morning I take a shower

But I refresh myself with your loving words

I wish I could savor them

I wish I could cry out to you

Whenever I'm upset or down

I wish I could be embraced by your hug

I wish we could dance

I wish others would give us a chance

I think of you every second of my day

You make me forget all the words I want to say

Smiley faces and winks are all you see

But I have so much more to give to you

All I want to do

Is see you everyday

See your lovely smile and your dazzling eyes

Feel your hand in mine

We've gone so far

And it's taken so, so long

I tell you all those people who have doubts are clearly wrong

I won't change your dreams

I'll help you reach your goals

I'll adjust mine just so I can see you smile

Just watch and see,

At the end of this journey we'll turn to each other and

Look at all the miles

We've taken to get here

It's taken so long

But we've gotten so far

I finally know you

I finally see you eye to eye

And this will be the time they all see the light

They'll give us their approval

And I can finally hold you tight

I'll never let you go

Just think!

The day I wear my white attire

Is that day we can slow dance to our hearts desire

We can live in the country

Live out our dreams

And they'll finally know what we mean

How we've held on through all the times it's gotten hard

All because of the love we saw in each other

So many years ago

But I'd do it again just so I can look in your eyes

And know you'll forever be mine

It's just taken so long

So long to see those eyes