The owner of Pioneer Pharmaceuticals was in his main office in the company's prime laboratory, reading a report about an attack on one of their factories. A factory which was supposed to have been registered to another company. The man did not like what he was reading. The renegade experiments had caused a great deal of disruption, and it seemed that the teleporter, Matheson had teamed up with the others and assisted them, killing one of his men and injuring several others.

His grip tightened on the report as he fumed. Were these escapees so confident that they felt they could attack his company like this and get away with it?

"Sir?" asked the nervous composer of the report. He glanced up regarding the man.

"We are to use all of our resources in tracking these saboteurs down," he ordered, getting out of his chair to look out of his office window. "Leave no avenue unturned, and I do not care what laws are broken, just do it."

If only they had managed to keep the younger Caine tied up when they had caught him the first time, he thought. Instead of a smooth interrogation in which there should have been more guards, it had ended in disaster and pain.

"Of course Mr Caine, I'll make the order."

Richard Caine nodded, and flexed his shoulders as he stood there, tall, clean, without a mark on him - completely unharmed by the incident. There was only one thought on his mind. Revenge.