The Chase

Blasting down the alley, Rose ran like the devil's hellhounds were on her tail. Taking switch backs and sharp turns, she did everything she could to lose her pursuers. While hopping a fence, Rose decides that if she didn't want to lose, she must hide quickly. Franticly, Rose dove into an abandoned building after hearing the pitter-patter of feet gaining on her. Taking two at time, Rose bolts up the stairs wincing at every creak they made. All around her, the echo of her chasers climbing up bounces off the walls. Rose knew that she didn't have much time left, for she could hear their shouts almost as if they were caressing her, tempting her to just give up, to finally give in. As a last desperate attempt, Rose threw herself into a dark and gloomy side room, huddling against the far wall keeping as still as humanly possible. Everything is quiet; the air stood still, almost as if the night is holding its breath. FLASH! The lights snap on suddenly. Temporarily blinded, all Rose can see is a dark shape hurdling at her. Shrieking, she pleads as three sets of hands descend down upon her. Suddenly, Rose's sides feel as if their splitting apart at the seams, she can't breathe, and tears are streaming down her small, pale face.

Rose cries out, "Alright! Please stop, I can't take it anymore!"

"Do you relent?" a new voice questions.

"Yes, yes," Rose screams, "You win! Just please no more." Finally the hands disappear and three guys come into view.

"We win again," the one with shaggy black hair brags.

"Yeah, yeah I know," Rose said pouting, "I just wish you guys wouldn't tickle me so much."

"Awe… Rosy we know you love it," the guy with the twinkling purple eyes teases.

"Yeah I know!" Rose chirps as she hugs the blond haired, blue-eyed guy that is her brother. Happily, Rose races home with her brother and friends following behind her. After all, tomorrow's a new day; who knows maybe one of these days Rose will be the victorious one in their little games. Until then, she is just happy playing with her family for as long as she can.