"Is it ready?"

"Yeah hold on almost there"

"Well hurry up!"

"Okay I'm finished. I've connected the last circuit."

"Finally, those fools won't know what hit them."

"Yes Boss, We will go out with a bang, bringing them down with us!"

"Flight 103 to Hamburger Hill is now boarding. I repeat Flight 103 to Hamburger Hill is now boarding." Ryuu heard the perky flight attendant exclaim through the loud speaker. "Well, that's me." Ryuu thought. The twenty year old with the raven black hair, and striking violent eyes, turned and picked up his single piece of luggage. He was wearing midnight black pants and a red short sleeved shirt with and had a black dragon tattoo snaking over his shoulder. Ryuu calmly walked to the gate for his flight, patiently waiting his turn to board the lasagna plane that everyone loved so much here in Cracker County. While waiting to board Ryuu looked around at the other passengers. Most were people going home, probably after spending the week here for the Cheese Festival. He however was heading to Hamburger Hill to get married to his beautiful fiancé that he has loved for 7 years. His wedding was to be held the day after he got back.

As Ryuu was surveying the other passengers, his eyes landed on a stout lively figure that was practically bouncing off the walls. He was around the same age as himself but he acted like he was five years old. Ryuu was about to pass him up, declaring that he's no threat. When the he caught the man's eye, it was ominous and full of hateful vengeance. A second later he was back to his supposedly five year old self. All traces of anything but happy emotions vanished, as if they were never truly there in the first place. Ryuu clearly shaken by the strange unknown man, turned back to the line to see that it was finally his turn to board the large plane. A few minutes later everyone was onboard and seated in their noodle seats. Ryuu was located a few rows behind the left wing on the plane. The pilot came on and announced that they will be taking off. "I'll see you soon, Hana," thought the ecstatic Ryuu.

Laughter echoed around the village as children ran through the streets. Kirin wandered the streets of her home. Their island was pretty new; it didn't even have a name yet. The island was near the south edge of her country of Le Pays du Fromage (The Land of Cheese). The county was a huge cheese wheel filled with nacho cheese, with different islands of different types of cheese spread throughout the wheel. Her family decided to move to the new island that popped up in the middle of the night, looking for a fresh start. Right now it is a warm sunny day on the island. There are no clouds in the sky and it felt as if nothing could go wrong today. For it was the perfect day. Sadly, Kirin doesn't know how far from the truth that really was. For today, her quaint little world was about to fall into a surging state of absolute chaos.

Kirin was walking home from the park. She loves to spend her afternoons by the secluded lake thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. Dusk was setting in her quaint little village when out of no where a huge rumbling sound became all the more prominent to the young girl with nutmeg colored hair and warm chocolate eyes that you could just melt in. She turned her eyes skyward towards the horizon searching for the cause of the sound. Just in the distance and spec appeared getting larger by the minute, until a large lasagna plane seemingly morphed out of the black abyss. Flying so high in the sky Kirin was frozen by the spectacle of the strange plane. The plane drew closer until it was almost directly over head. Then the world exploded into chaos.

Ryuu was sitting in his chair silently reading his book. The plane had just taken off a little more than 30 minutes ago. Everything was relatively quiet until of course that strange guy that I saw before we boarded just suddenly stood up and started talking as if he's performing a speech. "You all are incompetent fools and cowards." Away was the voice of an obnoxious five year old, and in its place is the strong dangerous voice of a lunatic. "You spend all your days bombing anyone and everyone just because you feel like it. Well now justice is served, IN A FIERY DISPLAY OF PURE DISTRUCTION!" yelled the raving lunatic. At that moment an explosion was heard, as the world turned into a blazing inferno. The only thought running through my mind is, "Take care …my flower," as the world fades black.

Screaming was all that was heard, guys calling for their loved ones, children crying for their mothers, families frantically trying to find one another. Everywhere you looked destruction, massive craters littered the area, homes burning from the outside in scorching everything in its path, hot cheese melting patches of living flesh off of everyone and everything.

Kirin watched the plane as it flew overhead. Then all a huge ball of fire replaced the lasagna plane, burning the prettiest shade of red and orange. It was truly magnificent, until it started raining down molten cheese and fiery destruction. Everyone heard the explosion and came outside to see what was going on. As soon as the "rain of destruction" started everyone was streaming into the streets shouting out for their loved ones. Kirin took off running down the street towards her home, twisting and turning, trying to doge the frantic people shoving her every which way. Giant hunks of lasagna crashed down upon the homes crushing anyone and everyone who got in its way. As Kirin was running she ran smack into a kid around her age staring at her with big unsuspecting eyes. The next second, he was crushed under pounds of lava like lasagna. Kirin screamed bloody murder as she ran towards her home frantically searching for her sister and mother. As she finally reached her home, she found it unscathed so far. She opened the door to see her mother pulling her sister against her chest trying to shield her form anything that dare cause her harm. Her mother looked up, relief written on her face as she saw Kirin.

"Come on we must get out of here!" Kirin yelled. Her mother got up and moved to follow her daughter out the door. Kirin turned and left through the door, as she got out onto the street she turned around as she saw her mother and sister only a few feet away from the door. Then her home exploded, bursting into an inferno of flames incinerating her gentle mother and her sweet, adorable sister. Kirin screaming for all she was worth, as she fell to the ground and sobbed. She sobbed for her mother, she sobbed for her sister, she sobbed for her home, and she sobbed for herself. For now she had no more reason to continue to live. Everything she loved and lived for was gone, taken away from her in only a matter of a few short minutes. The world was dead to her now, and she was dead to the world. Her once warm chocolate brown eyes held no spark and were now an ugly, dull, muddy brown color, as cold and dead as the desolate charred remains of her once beautiful, flourishing home. Her once shining nutmeg hair was now grimy and dismal hanging limply on her head. Kirin walked through her destroyed home, not knowing where she was going. When she looked up Kirin discovered that she had subconsciously traveled to her favorite place. She was looking out over the fantastic lake. Amazingly this place suffered absolutely no damage during the explosion. Kirin swam out to the middle of the lake and just stared up at the sky. They found out that the plane had apparently been blown up by a bomb, killing 270 people. All 259 people on the plane died, and then 11 people from her own village died, including her mother and sister. Kirin had absolutely nothing left. So she just turned over and let the blackness wash over her, taking her to see her beloved mother and sister.