7 Mile Drive

"It's not too far,"

The man behind the wheel said.

But I couldn't see the smile

Playing on his chapped lips.

Only the bloodshot whites

Of the near black eyes that bored

Into mine via the mirror.

He had a pale face and

Yellow stubs for teeth.

His hair lay matted and dank,

Loose upon his shoulders.

I looked out of the window,

Seeing the reds and yellows -

The tell-tale signs of a beautiful

Autumn day.

I would have enjoyed the drive

Had it been with anyone,



I didn't want to be here,

Alone with him.

I started to form the words

"Take me back."

But of course, I couldn't utter them.

I couldn't speak.

Neither could I see the trees that had

Only a few seconds before

Lined the road.

I couldn't hear the rumble of the engine.

Only the sound of his laughter.

So I screamed and tried to force my way


It was then I found I couldn't feel.

My hands found no purchase on his neck.

And neither could they grip the door handle.

So I carried on screaming.

Then I woke up. Screaming.

Damn him for hijacking my dreams again.