The world didn't expect that by the year 2018, they would have built a new species of machine. Of course, it was the Americans who invented them first. The first robot was Henry. Henry could speak in an unlimited number of responses, have emotions, have fears, and have…opinions. His brain was not restricted. Henry was smarter than the average human, but he did not snap and go crazy like robots that are normally portrayed on television. Henry snapped because he was feared.

Two years after Henry was made, they(humans) started to question Henry even though he was an innocent robot. They supposed that he would turn against them, and rebel. Humans did not expect Henry to grow so smart.

So, they went to kill Henry along with the 50 other robots similar to him. Mankind succeeded to kill a few dozen of the robots, but not Henry. He was able to escape and run off into the bleak shadows of nowhere. Still hunted to this day, Henry has yet to show himself to the world.

-Excerpts from Henry: The Future of Technology or Mankind?

Year: 2042

Location: New Tempo, Illinois

I lit my cigarette while leaning against the brick wall outside of my apartment complex. A holographic sign across the street read, 'See Any Robots Lately? I Hope Not.'

I stared at the sign as it flashed into another image. A more peaceful image. The sky was pitch black as it usually was. The sun rarely sent its loving rays down to Earth. It was about to rain. The thunder echoed in the distance as I let out a large puff of smoke. I stared out into the distance and at the flashes of lightning.

To my right, I saw a magnificent metropolis in the distance. Skyscrapers were made completely out of shining glass. It looked beautiful at night. I could even hear party music. The entire city was active 24/7, but…I lived outside of the city. I lived in The Wash, the trash dump just outside of New Tempo. Most people called it The Wash, but I do not know why. Maybe just another nickname.

Straight in front of me(heading to my left), I saw the desolate and cracked highway which led out of the city. It was abandoned because a new highway had been built, and was much more…futuristic than the old highway. The new highway was the first of it's kind. Magnets built underneath which allowed flying cars to travel along it. The flying car, the Navorre had just come out in 2038. Only the wealthiest of people could afford it. Certainly not a vehicle for me. New Tempo had seen a few Navorre come through, but not many.

That night, I watched the holographic billboard flash to different screens just for entertainment. I had nothing to do, but to relieve the anger off my shoulders. Mariah had just left my apartment after a big fight over nothing. Did I still have feelings for her? She was my high school sweetheart.

A police car passed by the road heading out of the city. I was too hypnotized by my own thoughts to even hear his sirens. It had been months since I saw anyone go down that highway. Where is the policeman going? I thought to myself. I dropped my cigarette to the ground, and crushed it under my foot.

I was about to go back inside when another police car started to go down the road. I turned back around to watch. The second police car was turning into the apartment parking lot! I sighed for a quick second and wondered what I did wrong. The officer stepped out of the vehicle and came towards me. I rubbed my eyes for a second. What does he want? The officer had a metallic suit like he was a robot himself. His helmet had a tinted visor which made him look mysterious as well.

"What's the matter?" I asked him.

"Nothing…yet. We got a robot sighting outside of the city. Just checking to see if it is true or not. Have you seen anything around here?"

I chuckled. "Do you think that a robot that could hide anywhere, would hide in The Wash?"

The officer raised his visor with a voice command. He had a serious expression on his face. "This is serious business, sir. Have you seen anything?"

My smile left completely, and I said in a sarcastic manner, "No. No, I haven't…sir."

The officer, in an instant, punched me in the stomach. I grunted and fell forward onto the asphalt. I held my stomach tightly. Nausea came over me. I picked my head up off of the ground and saw the officer get back into his car, and begin to pull out of the parking lot. I laid there on my knees, still feeling nauseous and weak. That officer punched hard. He was probably corrupted like the rest of the cops in New Tempo.

I saw him leave, and begin to head left, out of the city. I got back to my feet, and leaned back against the brick wall. My day was beginning to suck. I lowered my head, and stayed there against the wall for some odd reason.

Then, I heard a noise coming from the bushes across the street, under the billboard. I froze in place, and squinted my eyes to peer through the darkness. From out of the bushes, I saw two people come out! Both of them were just silhouettes from far away, but I could slightly make out what they were like. Both of them wore long trench coats, and had on hats. They were both very tall, but I could see that one was taller than the other. The taller one helped the smaller one from out of the bushes. I crouched down and went closer towards them, but not too close. They whispered to one another, but I couldn't understand them. They had not seen me yet. The billboard lit up with a blue light, and I could see them better.

I jumped back and gasped at the same time. I had not seen anything like them before! Both of the mysterious people coming out of the bushes were not people at all.

They were robots!