Sorry for such a long wait for the last chapter of Steel Hearts. My computer has been acting up, and it has taken until now to get it back up to full health. I have not stopped thinking about Steel Hearts though. The wait has only given me time to think up new story ideas. Thanks for reading.

The thought went through my mind, You aren't suppose to take an elevator in a time like this, but when the survival of cities are at stake… Ding! We had reached the top floor. Bardausious looked at me, and I looked at her. The fate of robot kind and mankind waited beyond the elevator doors, and we knew it.

The doors slid open. The whole floor was just one big office. The Man's office. On the other side of the room, there was one long window strip that stretched fifty feet. I could see the city lit on fire in a black sky. There was also a polished, wooden desk sitting in front of the window. The light from the fire reflected off of the desk and into my eyes. Mr. Victor Zeal was at his chair with a gun to his head. Of course, Henry was holding that gun. The fire made the room illuminate with bright orange and yellow waves. Henry and Mr. Zeal looked at us coming out of the elevator. We walked towards them without saying a word. Total silence. Once we stepped too close, the laser gun Henry was holding started to charge up. That was our signal to back up, so me and Bardausious did just as Henry wanted.

"What do you want? I'm in the middle of something." Henry said while looking at The Man's bald head.

I was about to step forward to speak, but Bardausious stepped forward first. "I want you to release The Man. This entire rebellion has gone too far."

Henry smiled, then chuckled, "No. This isn't a rebellion yet. It is only a rebellion when the people responsible realize what is wrong and what is right! It will be a rebellion…when this man dies." Henry looked down angrily on Mr. Zeal who showed no emotion whatsoever.

"Things do not have to be this way. The Man is the own who helped give you life, and he raised-" I said before Henry interrupted.

"And he is also the one who gave me death through my exile! He has killed his creations. He has killed his children!"

I said to Henry, "What about Madame Andromeda? She was good to you, and she was a human. She died trying-"

"Madame Andromeda is dead?" Henry said under his breath.

Henry's laser gun slowly sank from Mr. Zeal's head, and beside his mechanical thigh. All of the sudden, Mr. Zeal jumped up from his chair and tackled Henry. Bardausious tried to help, but she was too late. The two enemies threw one another out of the glass window, down 450 ft., and to their death. Bardausious gasped as she looked down at the bodies. I didn't even dare to look out of the window. I didn't know what to do. Does that mean the revolt is over?

The city, when we left the Control Center, was silent. I looked around to see the other robots who were killing the citizens, were suddenly confused. One of them ran up to me and Bardausious who brought out her raw energy cannon in a matter of seconds. The other robot held up his hands in a sign of peace.

"Wait a minute! I'm not going to hurt you. Not anymore." the random robot said. Bardausious transformed her right arm back to normal. The random robot continued, "We are free of Henry!"

"What do you mean?" Bardausious asked.

"Henry, he had something put into us. A chip or something. Everyone who went to his house in The Grade got one put into them. He seemed to…control us with it or something. Or maybe I've been sleepwalking. Have I been sleepwalking?"

"No. I don't think you were sleepwalking." I told him.

"Now, Henry is dead. He can't control us anymore! All of our minds were connected to Henry's mind. He gave us an order to kill all humans. Finally, we are free of him."

The robot ran off, jumping and yelling at the top of his lungs in pure happiness.

I went to Mariah's house at the brake of dawn with the help of Bardausious and the propulsion system in her feet. She had her door locked, but once I called out her name, she opened the door. She was in tears from the destruction, but then she smiled because I had come to see her.

She hugged me tight around the neck, and whispered in my ear, "Where were you, Eric? I needed you."

I looked into her deep, green eyes. "I've been busy."

I could hear Bardausious's mechanical feet start to slowly walk off. I turned back to see what she was doing. She was walking down the road, and towards the rising sun. Bardausious was leaving. I jogged over to her and touched her shoulder. She turned to me.

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked.

"Eric, we have been on a journey. A long journey. Even if The Man and Henry are dead, that doesn't change the way humans see us. Now, to them, we are monsters. It's about time for me to leave before the humans kill us all. Trust me when I say it is for the best."

"Bardausious, I will change their minds." I said.

"This is how humanity was, it is how humanity is, and it is how humanity will always be. I don't think there is nothing we can do." Bardausious said with a smile.

I thought about what the robot said as she walked away. I turned to Mariah who had come next to me, held my hand, and also watched Bardausious walk away. I figured that it was true. She was right. Humans are the true robots. Always doing as they are told.