I walked down the hall on my way to the classroom. Today, things were nothing different from before. All the students got together and whispered behind my back, especially Thea and her gang. They're just a bunch of girls who think they're so much better than others. All the girls back away when they strut down the hall, and all the guys stop and stare after them. But I see them as the false diva's they really are.

I'm known as Kaji Zanukii. I'm 15 years old and I'm from Japan. But at school I'm known as; "loner", "The bitter one", "she who walks alone", "Red eyes", "EMO-girl and things like that. Now, you're probably wondering what "Red eyes" mean, but it's just my eye color which is brown with a strong sheer of red. In a certain light, I could be quite scary when I glared at everyone underneath my bluish black, side swept bangs. I listened half-heartedly to the conversations around me. I didn't really catch up anything interesting, other than a party during the weekend. Apparently, everyone was invited. Hell, even all the nerds that all seemed to like me, were invited. Not that I paid them any attention, they're not my type. I used to get invitations, but that was when I'd just started attending this school and everyone thought I was playing silly games and personality acts to get the guys interested. They quickly learned that I'm not a fake, and that I show zero interest in guys.
-Who need parties? They're a waste of time, and lead to nothing but trouble! ...But when I think about it, I sort of want to go... No! Parties only lead to a mess and you know Kaji, just take a look at home.

The school bell rang one last time, and it was finally time to head home.
-Finally, I can leave this annoying place! I muttered under my breath, as I headed for my locker to pick up my books. When I opened the door, a piece of paper fell out. It was an invitation.
-Don't think you got that because I actually wanted to invite you! To be allowed to have the party alone my mom said I had to invite everyone, which includes you too. She didn't say I actually had to be nice to you though! Thea and her gang giggled.
-How funny you are Thea. You should maybe want to become a comedian instead of a playboy model, you seem to be more fitted for that job, I said sarcastically. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading home. I restrained my self from looking back at Thea and her gang's "OMG-you-didn't-just-say-that" look.
-Ahh, funny as always, I grinned to myself.

-Hey, Kaji, wait up! It was Kai, the captain on the football team. The tall guy with dark hair, tan skin and muscles every girl wanted. Just like a bad cliché American drama movie… you get the point. Thea and her gang tried to get Kai's attention. You know, fluttering their lashes, that kind of thing. Kai didn't offer Thea and the gang as much as a glance, he just ran right past them. His eyes were on me, and only me.
-Are you going to the party at Saturday? If you are, then would you go with me? He smiled kindly at me, while I just blinked in surprise.

Since I started here, he hasn't given up on getting me. I've got to give the guy some credits though, for not stopping after I've rejected him so many times. It's not that I actually don't want to be with him, but I just can't do it. I snapped out of my thoughts.
-I didn't plan on going, so... maybe. Talk to you later. I hurried out the door and walked home quickly.
-Why couldn't I say no to him like all the other times? He never seemed to be upset hurt whenever I said no, so it can't be that I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
-It's enough having to go home, I mumbled.
-I don't need any more crazy thoughts right now.

-Are you here, mom? I'll head out for a while. I went up the stairs to change. Mom got out from her bedroom. She sounded like she was very drunk.
-Can't you stay here and make yourself useful you little brat, she mumbled.
-Mom, can't you take some responsibility, and quit the partying already! And stop drinking so much! I'm going crazy! It's your fault that I'm the way I am! Ever since I was little, you have never taught me anything! Because of you, I don't know how to interact with other people my age, I show no sympathy for anyone and I have zero respect for adults! I know it's because of dad, but at least try to move on and get out of this! I don't remember much of him, but I know he left you! The fact that you can't move on only proves to me that you've become weak! I fisted my hands and was shaking from anger. I could've punched out the window, but I kept control. I just couldn't lose it.
-If you don't watch your mouth, I'll give you a beating so bad, you won't be able to walk properly for a while! She spat at me.
-Fine, just go ahead, I answered. I waited for the punch I knew she could pull when she was drunk, but it never came. Instead the bottle she was holding flew right by my face.
-Get out!
I went out the door, blinking the tears away easily.
-Tears are a sign of weakness, don't cry! I kept thinking to myself.
–Where's the strong woman I once saw in mom?