"I don't have a clue what I'm doing" Kai thought as he sat and hid behind some bushes. "But now I understand why Kaji is the way she is. No wonder with that kind of mother!" Kai got up and followed Kaji, making sure not to get too close. This was really risky! If Kaji caught him spying on her, she'd probably beat the hell out of him! Kaji dislikes when someone tries to stick their nose in her privacy. To make it worse, she's the one who can hear what you're saying from miles away.

Kai noticed that Kaji was wearing sport clothes. "What's she going to do?" Kai looked around. Kai had followed Kaji to a flat grass area hidden in the little forest close by their neighborhood.
"Oh, so this is where she goes when she doesn't want to be disturbed", Kai thought as he once again hid himself. Kai wasn't quite sure what to expect were he stood hid behind a tree. Kaji isn't the type of girl who'd cry, so that's something she wouldn't do. She never cries, never. He thought back to PE once, when one his team mates wanted to see if Kaji really was as though as she appeared to be. He thought she was playing games and that she was more like Thea and her gang, who begins to whine if their nail breaks. He tackled Kaji as hard as he could in to the wall. Kaji hit the wall badly and fell to the floor. She bled from her nose and mouth, but she got up and wiped it away as if nothing happened. Then she walked slowly up to my team mate, punched him and walked away as she screamed something along the lines of "fuck you". That's the type of person Kaji is, and Kai feared that she'd do the same to him today. He went a little closer. Kaji began to speak in a foreign language, probably Japanese. Even though Kai was Japanese himself, he couldn't speak or understand the language very well. She bowed and folded her right hand to a fist in her left hand.

-Sa! Gemu no jikanda! This is a phrase I always speak aloud before I begin my training. It's Japanese and means "It's game time!" or "It's time to fight!" It helps me keep my focus. It helps me think of nothing else but the fact that it is game time for me. I started to warm up so I could begin with the martial arts and gymnastics I love doing. More kicks, jabs, blockings and dodging with a couple of back handsprings and a backflip. When ever I'm stressed, upset or angry I come here to take all my frustration out on an invisible enemy in an imaginable fight. A fight where I can pretend to beat the enemy dead if I want to, and keep doing it for as long as I wish until my stress or rage is gone. I'm only fighting air, but martial arts are my passion and my biggest talent!

The sound of a breaking vine reached my ears. I froze. There he stood as a tall dark silhouette against the sun. Before I managed to say something, he ran down the hill. What was I supposed to do now? Run after him? Try to yell? I chose both. I sprinted down the hill and yelled at the boy who ran in front of me. I caught up with him after a bit of running and used my last energy to tackle him to the ground.
–What do you think you're doing following me like that?! Answer me!

Kai was completely stunned there he was pinned down by Kaji and he didn't escape her iron grip.
–I'm so sorry, Kaji! I didn't mean to upset you! I just wanted to know what's bothering you, because it's obviously something wrong! I followed you to see if that would answer my questions! A sad expression spread in his face.
–And it did, it really did, he mumbled.
–Come one! Punch me! Slap me! Do whatever you want! I'm getting nervous waiting for it! But the punches never came. Kaji just stared blankly and emotionlessly at him. Her iron grip loosened and she let Kai sit up.

"I don't know what to say. Kai has seen through everything because he wanted to help me. He wanted to help me for so long and I never acknowledged it. I thought I had built the perfect wall around me, but he took it down. How could I punch him? Now that he's taken down my wall, I feel… connected with him, maybe I really do like him after all."

I released him completely and slowly gave him a hug. At that moment, I couldn't keep my tears from falling. I cried tears I've been holding in for years and for once I did nothing to stop them. I just let them fall as I hugged Kai. Kai was so shocked he just hugged me back. After a while Kai broke the silence.
–So, about that party to the weekend, you promised to go with me, didn't you? Kai looked at me and flashed his famous cocky grin. I could only laugh and smile in response. "To think, I actually flashed a smile! It's been so long!" I hugged Kai once again. For a little while we just talked like we had known each other for ever and just sat there close together and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.

-Hey Kaji, are you coming or what? We've got to go, or else we're going to be late! Kai stood outside and yelled at me.
–Yeah, I'm on my way! I called back. I was for once really happy! After Kai and I spoke together in the forest, my mom told me she'd thought about what I'd said and she decided to get help. Now, things were looking a lot brighter and for the first time in many years; I'm smiling! As I went out the door, I said good bye to my mom who was slowly returning back to that strong woman she really is. When I got outside, Kai picked me up and started to carry me as he walked quickly out the gate.
–If you don't hurry, we'll be late!
–Ok, ok, put me down and we'll walk together!

Kai put Kaji down and studied her. Kaji had half her hair tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a dark aqua dress paired with some high heels with matching makeup. She looked beautiful in the red light from the sun set.

-You're absolutely beautiful! Kai blurted out. He blushed a little, not sure what to do. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. The kiss was soft and full of passion and feelings. I smiled and grabbed his hand and I went to my first party together with my first friend… no, I went together with my first love.

A VERY cliche love story ;) because I can! Hahaha "Sa! Gemu no jikanda!" is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, because I think it's sooooooo cool :D Hope you enjoyed! Please review :3