"Oh, there you are, Anataze! Did you do your homework? Or have you been talking to Kalica the whole time?" I did tend to text or talk to my best friend on a near constant basis. And, for note, my name is not Anataze. Anataze is just what my birth certificate says. My name is Tazer, just the same as Sinner's name wasn't Kalica, but Sinner.

"Yes, I did my homework! And her name is Sinner!" I told her, turning back into a human from my previous canary form. Sometimes I really hated my mother's constantly happy demeanor. Doesn't everyone hae an off day? Not my mother.

I sighed as she left the room. Everyone but my mother called me Tazer, after my eyes that looked like they could shoot electicity at everyone. After being shocked by lightning when I was six in the backyard, I had go the ability to control and produce electricity, so my nickname was a little ironic. And it also chnage my eye color from a plain navy blue, to where it looked like lightning went from the edge of pupil to the edge of my cornea.

My phone rang out the lyrics to The Anthem by Good Charlotte. It was Kalica A.K.A. Sinner. Her name might seem a little cruel but she was a sinner, through and through. Don't let those big blue eyes fool you like they fool my mother. My mother thought I was the bad influence. Good luck with that.

"Hello, crossbreed." I answered the phone.

"Hello, mutation." That was our usual greeting. I was, technically, a mutation of nature. My ability to change into animals with a mutation of nature, and not classified in the race of human. I was... animalistic. That's what Sinner refered to me as. Animalistic, by its very definition, meant relating to or resembling an animal. Which I was. I both related to animals, as their blood was mine, and resembled them, being I could turn into them. I was strange.

Which is what drew me and Sinner to be friends in the first place. I had been making miniture lightning bolts come out of my hands and arc between my fingers like little blue and white snakes when Sinner had come up behind me and found out. I was lucky that she was another super, instead of a normal human, like my mother, who was born with absolutly no powers.

Sinner's dad was a carrier for the wings gene, but Sinner was the only one in five generations to have them. Sinner's mother hated adnormalness. And she only knew about the wing gene after Sinner was five, when the wings appeared, which Sinner's father had done to keep Sinner's mother from abandoning her. Sinner's brother Cailen carried the gene, but was twelve and had not shown any signs of wings.

Sinner could teleport (making it easy to sneak out, which we did often), she also had telepathy, meaning she could read minds, and talk through hers, usually into mine when we had silent conversations in class, and she had these beautiful red dragonfly wings that were black on the edges, that expanded longer than her outstreaced arms on both sides.

They were works of art in my opinion, all four of her wings. The top set connected to her shoulder blades, and the second set about four inches below, tucked under the first set. She, unlike an actual dragonfly, could fold up her wings and sink them into her skin. If you looked closely, you would see the black and red out line of wings pointing towards the ground going down her back when she sunk them into her skin. She could keep them that was for quite a long time if she choose to, unless she was upset or really happy, then her wings would come out and unfold, and often beat very fast, raising her off the ground a few inches.

That was how her boyfriend, Johnny, had found out about her powers. He asked her out and she got excited, and in all her smiles and happy cloud, she didn't notice her wings melt out of her skin and through her clothes. She only noticed when Johnny's jaw dropped as his eyes focused on the quickly beating wings behind her.

"Hey, Tazer, you hear me?" Sinner asked, her pretty voice ringing out into my phone.

"Sorry, Sinner. What did you say?"

"I'ma be at your house in... I can see your roof. Open your window." She said, then ended the call. I opened my window, seeing my best friend outside of it, suspended gracefully by her quickly-beasting four wings. She folded her wings and quickly flew in. My mother knocked and entered my room, then stopped at the sight of Sinner. But it didn't phase her for long, as this was a nearly daily occurance.

"Hello, Kalica. When did you get here? And does your mother know?"

"The window and yes, I told my mother." Sinner said, and smiled a wide I'm-an-angel sort of smile, and fluttered her wings, completing the illusion.

Sinner was five foot four with long shiny black hair and dark blue eyes that contradicted heavily with her blood red wings. As much as I loved her wings, they were a rememinder of how her mother didn't like them, and so Sinner had been ashamed of them. That's why, after third grade, Sinner had grown her hair long to cover her wing joints, so she could pretend they weren't hers.

She used to hate her wings, and keep them folded in at all times, until I had made her show me one day, wanting to see the very thing that had her go quiet and ashamed like as if she was admiting to sleeping around, and told her how beautiful I thought they were. After that, she had been less ashamed of her wings, and had told her mother that they were part of her so she had better accept them. Her mother was resistant to accept them, but had at least stopped looked at them like they were horrible scars. She just adverted her eyes. I avoided Sinner's mother. She and I... didn't get along, to put it mildly. After I found out about what she thought about her daughter's wings, I might possibly just have maybe screamed my head off her and would have slapped her if Sinner hadn't stopped me.

Sinner still kept her hair long to cover the outline of her wings tucked into her skin at school, for they looked like tattoos and being sixteen with tattoos was illegal. Which I thought was dumb.

"Careful not to knock over that lamp by your bottom left wing, Kalica." My mother said as she dropped a stack of freshly laundered clothes on my dresser and backed out.

My mother was very accepting of Sinner's wings, a fact that I really loved about her. Sinner looked behind her, flicking her black hair out of her face and adjusting her wing away from my glass lamp. It was hard for her to focus on where each of her long extentions was at all times. With arms and legs, they always stayed close to your sides, but not with wings that constantly stayed up. Her house was specially made with wide hallways and rooms and pictures put up high. It took merely a beat of her red wings to clear a table.

"I hate when she calls me Kalica." She told me as said wings fluttered because she was annoyed.

"You don't have to deal with her calling you by your real name all the time." Then my voice turned mocking, "Oh, Anataze, sweetheart, can you get the sugar out? Anataze, honey, please clean your room. All you get is Hello, Kalica! How has your day been?"

"True, Tazer, very true. When we become dicators of Earth, please remind me to make the names Kalica and Anataze illegal."

"Oh, and everyone must listen to our theme songs on a daily basis and memorize them by age ten."

"Sure as my wings, Tazer!" That was her favorite saying, "Sure as my wings." Though her looks led you to believe differently, Sinner was spunky and strange, not a pretty princess with wings, which is what she looked like.

"I swear, I'm going to attach eyes to my wings. They go to sleep being folded up all the time!"

"Okay. When we move out and get a house together, I'll be sure it has wide hallways and areas, does that make ya feel better?"

"Much. And would you mind charging my phone? It's nearly dead and I'm expecting a call from Johnny." I touched her phone, and watched as the battery meter filled instantly. After a second of charging, I dropped my hand. The phone was fully charged.

I watched as Sinner bounced on her heels anxiously. Something she did when she was really excited and waiting for something to happen. It didn't take me long to figure it out. Of course, that was why she wanted Johnny to call. It was Thursday, Johnny's mom's shopping night. She would be gone for a couple hours, leaving her house and her sixteen year old son at home alone. Just she didn't know that Johnny wouldn't be alone.

"You horny thing, you! You just want him to call to tell you if the coast is clear so you can ride it and hide it, Sinner! Well named, you are!" I said in my Irish brouge. I swear Sinner had developed the saying "ride it and hide it". She went over to her boyfriend's house, rode him like a pony, and still managed to hide it from her mother.