sit, child!

wait with impatience.

slowly, so slowly,

the bus rolls up

to your stop.

rush child!

push past the others.

crowded, so crowded,

the aisle clogs,

too many are getting off.

run, child!

hurry all the way home.

worried, so worried,

is she ok?

has she survived another day?

fumble, child!

quickly unlock the door.

clumsy, so clumsy,

force yourself to breathe;

a few seconds can't matter.

freeze, child!

stand still in the hall.

wrong, so wrong,

the house is too empty,

the rooms so lonely.

scream, child!

choke in your knowledge.

painful, so painful.

run up the stairs,

find the girl.

"be calm, child,"

whispers the girl.

late, too late!

she is no longer

yours to save.

think, child!

search for her phone.

blank, so blank,

you can barely press

those three final numbers.

speak, child!

tell the voice everything.

scared, so scared,

your best friend is

lying dead on the floor.

wait, child!

wait for the last time.

alone, so alone,

rest your head on her body,

and with her last thought,

she puts her arm around you.

a/n: this is based on this secret from SBS: .com/view/Death/326208?fromTN