The Ones That Got Away

He's right beside her, so close

That she could reach out and touch him

If she wanted.

But she won't.

His profile lingers, tauntingly, in the corner of her eye –

So familiar to her now, so dear,

That it makes her want to cry.


So close yet, so out of reach

That her swift pulse despairs and then

Languidly slows.

Her fists clench.

He's unattainable, not hers, and surely never will be –

So routine is this hopeless train of thought,

That she no longer wants to see.


The visions are clear, so crisp,

And she can see their future now,

Or rather hers.

Without him.

It'll be high school reunion before they meet again –

So sure is she of this fact, this sad truth,

And there's no other where or when.


Their eyes will meet, a moment

That she knows will still change nothing,

She'll still be scared.

Like always.

She'll say a few words, he'll respond, but neither will really talk –

So they'll go their separate ways again,

And from her she'll watch him walk.


But this time it's forever

And they won't ever meet again,

The tears will come.

The heartbreak.

Because she won't be able to help but think: it's all come true –

He'll become her 'the one that got away',

And then she'll become his too.

So I've never really written anything with this pattern or rhythm before, but I quite like the broken feel of it… I don't know, sort of suits the theme maybe. I hope you liked it anyway, and please feel more than free to review! ;)

X :D