Hi Dr. A! You've
said that haikus aren't allowed,
so I won't write one.

Before I begin,
let me say some things that I
know about haikus.

(Disclaimer: What I'm
about to say may not be
wholly accurate.)

One of the glaring
features of a haiku is
its syllable count.

The first line has five,
the second has seven while
the last has five too.

But if you ask a
traditional Japanese,
there's much more involved.

Another aspect
of a haiku is that it
talks about nature.

I also know that
some sort of separation
exists in haikus.

As you can see, there's
only form here. The content
is a bit iffy.

So what's perceived as
a bunch of haikus could just
be stanzaic verse.

As such, since I've proved
that this is not a haiku,
can I submit it?

(P.S, I really
hope that this has not annoyed
you!) With much love, J.