Shade, My Shadows -by Shauni Cooper

They are shade

Embracing my imperfect frame

Sheltering me away from the unforgiving sun

Until I'm ready to endure it

They are my shadows

Sharing my paths, my tears

Following my success, my failures

Always there

They are shade, my shadows

On rainy days, I seldom see them

Yet I feel their unconditional protection

Always there

There are gaps under the shade of a tree

Necessary rays of light that

Prepare me for what is to come

And my shadows are always there

One day I shall leave the shade

And hopefully provide equal tenderness

To someone else; but I will never forget

My loving shadows. I call them

Mom and Dad

Author's Note: Hi world! Reviews and criticism are greatly appreciated! I am just starting out, so I would really like to know what others think of my work. If you have any tips or suggestions about my writing or wish to show me your own, please drop me a line! R&R! :)