Blue – by Shauni Cooper

Innumerable green spikes tickle the soles of my bare feet. Surrounding me are litters of spring foliage that mimic the colors of the elusive rainbow. The wind softly caresses my face and drags along a ribbon of the spring colors. Yet only one color before me stands out like no other.


Blue is the color of the homemade bracelet he gave me. Blue is the color of the shirt I gave him. Blue is what I felt when he rescued me from the worlds problems. Blue is the color of the ocean view we escaped to, the one I see now.

But, his hypnotic orbs that always seem to transfix me are my favorite blue. A fantasy I delve into each day, one that causes me to sigh at the very thought of such a wonder. Pools that show caring, reflect kindness, and have profound, deep love within them.

As my favorite blue gazes back at me, I yearn for another color.


Pink, fleshy folds that form the edges of what caves the velvet voice I adore. As pink and blue are mere inches from my face, I am perplexed as to how I became worthy to enjoy such desirable splendors. Blue and brown close, as pink meshes with red. Simultaneously the world around us seems to melt and time stops. In this eternal moment, my problems cease to exist.

My favorite colors are with me and nothing else matters.

Author's Note: Hey! Just a short story I wrote this morning. I was still tired so if anything does not make sense, sorry! I'm not a morning person. :D I was trying out a new writing technique (which is to write the very moment you wake up) so again sorry if it sounds weird. Anyways reviews are appreciated! Criticism just as acceptable! R&R! :)