I Hate It
written by Lil Hamari

I hate it

I hate it

I hate it

I'm mad

No I'm fucking pissed off


Cause no one has the right

To say shit to you when

They don't have the whole story straight

Or when they're not there to defend themselves

Family has to defend you

Not talk behind your back

Even if they don't talk about you

Doesn't mean its right

To talk about another family member

That you love so dearly

The one who understands you

The one who loves you no matter what

To hear your own family member

Say lies behind their back

It's wrong cause they don't know

How they struggle to survive

When they're miles away from you

I hate it

So hear me world

One day I would have the courage

To look them straight in their eyes

And tell them how wrong they are

For no one has the right

To talk behind someone back

Especially if that person

Is one of your beloved

Who will love you

No matter

How far they are