Sorry I thought I wasn't going to have any stories on here but this was a essay I had to do for my English class and I got really into it.

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"Guilty! Put that murderer in jail, he's sentenced to death for killing his friends and their girlfriends!" Judge Taylor exclaimed.

Chase has her face buried in my chest for comfort. I am holding her in my arms and trying to get Chase to stop crying. "Shh, it's okay Chase. Stop crying, everything is going to be alright. As long as we stick together and stay strong, Hortense can't hurt us anymore," I said calmly. Chase looked up at me and nodded her head, then put her head back to my chest holding me a little tighter. 'I wish this never happened. I wish that Hortense never killed my parents and my friends. I wish Hortense was never born.' I thought.

One of the officers was getting ready to put Hortense behind bars for good when all of a sudden thick, green mist filled the courtroom. I got up to look and see if I could find the source of it but I couldn't. A few minutes later the mist was so thick that I couldn't see my sister. I thought I was about to pass out when a dark figure started coming towards me. I was so freaked out that I couldn't move from my spot, even though I wanted and needed to.

I looked around for Chase and I couldn't find her. I started to freak out more. 'Where is my sister? Oh, no, I've lost my one and only sister.' My thought was interrupted when the dark figure was right in front of me.

"W-what do you want?" I asked my voice a little shaky.

"I here to grant your wishes. I will give you back your parents and friends, I will make sure this never happens again, and I will make sure Hortense is never born." The dark figure said.

"Okay, how will you do that? You're just a human."

"Ha-ha. I am not just a human. I am a genie."

I couldn't believe it; a real live genie is standing right in front of me. 'I do remember finding a dusty lamp early today and rubbing it till it was shiny.' I thought. "Okay." I said, "Grant my wishes."

"As you wish but be warned your wishes come with consequences."

I was about to ask what he means by consequences when he raised his arms and the next thing I know I waking up on the floor of a living room I've never seen in my life. I get up and start to look around. What I find surprises me, I find a bunch of family pictures of a small, chubby brunette boy that looks about eleven. I keep looking around and I find some rooms. I look in the first room and it looks like there is a king size bed, tons of movies, and some more family pictures except these had more adults in them.

I left the first room and made my way to the second door down the hall. Before I open the door I find a name on it. I don't feel like I can open the door anymore because the name on the door is my father's name. James David Maslow. I don't even get a chance to move because I hear a car door slam shut and footsteps approach the front door.

"Mom, where is Fox?" I hear a voice asks as I see a young man run around the corner. I hear his mom answer with a 'in your room' as he turns and looks straight at me still running towards me and down the hall.

He keeps running towards me and all of a sudden he runs right through me and into the room that I was just at. 'Oh, my god. That's my father and he just ran though me.' I thought as my eyes bug out of my head.

I run down the hall and out the front door without even looking at the other people in the house. I run till I can't run anymore. When I stop I find I'm near a newsstand. I go up to the stand a look a newspaper. I look at the date, it's July 15, 2030. The day before his 40th birthday.
I stare at the paper thinking of how I got to 2030 when I was just in 2060. My thought was interrupted when all of a sudden the thick, green mist comes back. 'Oh, no.' I thought. A few minutes pass and the genie shows up again. He comes up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"This is only the first part of the consequences your wishes bring. At exactly seven o'clock tonight you will be sent to the second and final part of the consequences." He said. I look down at my watch it's six thirty and I have thirty minutes till the second part starts. When I look back up from my watch the genie is not there anymore.

I decide to look around a little to try and figure out where I am. As I start to look around it starts to get a little colder. 'So I know I'm not in California.' I thought. About twenty-five minutes pass and I start to get a little dizzy and tired. The next thing I see is blackness and the next thing I feel is a lot of coldness.

I didn't know how much time had passed but the next thing I know I'm waking up in another living room I've never seen. I looked down at my watch and found that only a few minutes had passed since seven. 'I wander what my second consequence is.'

I got up and looked around like I did at the other house. I found some pictures of a young girl with brown hair, green eyes, and an A+ test in her hands. While I was starring at the picture I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

'My consequences are seeing my parents without one another because the girl in the picture is my mother, Kristine Diamond. I know my parents are supposed to be together because they told me were together about thirty years before they were killed. So what went wrong, they should be together.' I thought and kept thinking. Then it came to me, 'Hortense was never born so my father never had a friend to tell him to follow his dreams and go to the audition for my grandfather, Gustavo Rocque.'

Right then and there I knew why my parents told me to be careful what I wish for. Because genies are sneaky little devils and you should never trust them. Especially when your family's life is on the line.

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