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Chapter 6: Staying Strong

Each day that passed by Lucifer was getting more frustrated with the angel. Normally he would be able to break a person by now, but the little angel wouldn't break. He has tried many forms of torture to break her, but nothing had worked. He had taunted her in order to get her angel power to rise, but she was staying very calm. He needed to see her power so he could take it from her. Lucifer paced his office in frustration as he watched the little angel squirm in the chains she was in. He thought he could break her in a matter of hours, but here he was days later and the little angel still hadn't said anything.

'I need to know why she hasn't been broken yet!' Lucifer thought angrily. 'I need her power to destroy the Creed!'

While Lucifer was pacing his office, Charlotte was hung in chains once again. Her arms were suspended above her head and she could feel the numbness from lack of blood. 'This is getting old really fast.' She thought with annoyance. She had been in these chains for a few hours now and she hated it. She was bored out of her mind and needed something to do. It had been a few weeks since she had been captured and she still hasn't said anything. She was going to either. She would rather die by torture than tell this maniac where The Creed was hiding and the secret to her power. She knew that it was only a matter of time before Lucifer was going to torture her worse than what she had already been through.

A few hours later, Mark had come into the room. He smirked when he saw Charlotte hanging limp in the chains. He walked over to her and unchained her. She fell to the ground in a heap as the feeling in her arms was slowly starting to come back. Mark had forced her to her feet and tied her hands. He then forced her to walk toward another room. When they arrived in the room all there was, was a wooden chair. Mark forced Charlotte to sit facing the back of the chair. He then tied her legs and arms to the chair so the little angel couldn't escape. He then put a blindfold over eyes and gagged her so then she wouldn't be able to speak or scream.

Once Charlotte was tied, Mark left the room and made his way down to Lucifer's office. Charlotte on the other hand heard the door open and then close. She assumed that Mark had left the room. She relaxed her wrists and the rope became some what limp. She started to twist her wrists in an attempt to break the rope, but she was rubbing her wrists raw. She continued her attempt for a few minutes before the ropes broke and she got her hands free. Charlotte then untied the blindfold and then took the gag out of her mouth. She then got to work on untying her legs. It didn't take her long to finish freeing herself from the chair. Since she was a little weak from lack of food, it took Charlotte a couple of minutes to get her footing and set the illusion of her sitting in the chair. Once she was satisfied with her work, Charlotte headed to the door and poked her head out to make sure the coast was clear for her to head out.

While Charlotte was making her escape, Mark and Lucifer were heading back to the room that contained the little angel. They opened the door and saw that everything was the way that they left it. Charlotte was still tied to the chair, looking lifeless. Lucifer walked over to her and went to slap her to make her aware of his presence. When she didn't move, Lucifer hit her again and got the same result. He went to grab her and she disappeared. Mark looked at the spot where Charlotte was just at not believing that this was happening.

Lucifer clenched his fists in anger, "She's escaped. How did she escape?" He yelled at Mark.

"I'm not sure sir. She was lifeless when I left to come and tell you that she was tied." Mark answered.

"Find her now! She must not get out of here!" Lucifer exclaimed.

Mark ran to the microphone that was close by and hit the alarm, "Men be on the lookout for the angel. She has escaped from the torture room. Find her and bring her to Master Lucifer."

Charlotte heard the alarm, 'Great they know I've gotten out.' She thought while she was running.

"There she is!" She heard. Charlotte turned and saw a group of guards running toward her. She took off running in an attempt to shake the guards. She didn't know where she was going, the only thing on her mind was escaping this place. She turned a corner and was stopped by another group of guards. Charlotte stopped for a split second and then saw a corridor to the right and dove out of the way of the guards running right at her. She quickly returned to her feet and took off running again. Her legs were starting to become heavy from all the running she was doing plus the lack of food didn't help her lightheadedness. She was just about to take off running again when she stumbled and blacked out. Before she did, she saw someone in front of her with a wicked smirk on his face.

The next thing Charlotte knew was that she chained to a table and water was dripping on her forehead. She tried to move her hands but as soon as she did she felt nothing but pain. She looked up at her hands and saw nails in the palms. She sighed and just let the water drip onto her face. As it dripped she heard Kyle's voice, I'm coming Char, I'm going to save you and bring you back home safe and sound. I promise. Her eyes shot open as she heard his voice, deciding it was worth a shot to try and communicate, she closed her eyes and focused, Kyle, are you there?

Kyle was getting ready to head to bed for the night after a long day of driving west toward the ocean when he heard Charlotte's voice, he closed his eyes and called back to her, Charlotte, I'm here. Can you hear me?

Yeah, I can. I'm going to create a dream so we can talk face to face. Think of the same thing I am and I'll see you there.

Kyle did as he was told and ended up in a field. He didn't have to wait long until he saw Charlotte appear in front of him.

"Kyle, I don't have a lot of time to explain before Lucifer comes in and starts demanding answers." She said quickly.

"What do mean? Charlotte what's happening to you?" He asked.

"I'm constantly being tortured for information and getting very little to eat. I'll put a signal out tonight that will lead you to me. Please hurry. I don't know how much more I can stand babe."

Kyle nodded and took her hands in his, "I promise baby, I'll find you as soon as I can. I'll save you from all of it. We'll bring you home safe and sound."

Charlotte looked at him with a confused expression when he said we, "We?"

"Yes, we as in you sister, Terry, and myself." He answered.

Charlotte started to fade, "I have to go now, he is coming in. I love you Kyle."

With that Charlotte disappeared and woke up to something hot coming down on her stomach. She screamed as it burnt her skin.

"You thought you could get away from me didn't you?" Lucifer snarled.

Charlotte stayed quiet, glaring at him. When she didn't answer him, he brought the hot steel down on her stomach again. He did this repeatedly for a minute.

"Tell me what I want to know about The Creed!" He demanded.

"I... will... never... tell... you... anything." Charlotte said between breathes.

Lucifer started to hit her again. Each time harder and harder than the last. Each time Charlotte would cry out. She begged him to stop because she couldn't take it anymore.

"You should have reached your limit by now! What will it take for you to tell me what I want to know little angel!" Lucifer screamed.

"As long as I have a strong mind you will never break me!" Charlotte said.

"We shall see about that." He said, and then turned to Mark, "Take her away."

Mark nodded and unchained her from the board. He then took the nails that were in her palms out and forced her up. Mark tied her hands and forced her to walk toward her cell. Once they arrived, he untied Charlotte's hands and threw her in.

Charlotte forced herself to sit up against the wall and saw that the sun was going down through the little hole that allowed a minimal amount of light. She smiled to herself knowing that tonight was going to be a full moon. She was forced out of her thoughts as the door opened up and a tray was slid in with her food. Not having the energy to get up, she crawled over to the tray and ate the little bit of food that they have given her. She knew that they were only giving her enough for her to stay alive each day.

She soon finished consuming the food that she was given and went back to her original spot over by the hole in the wall. All she could do now is wait until the moon came up so she could send the signal out.

Meanwhile Lucifer was in his office once again, pacing in anger. He was starting to become frustrated with the little angel. Right when he thought he had his answer she wouldn't give it to him. He thought that by now he would be getting rid of The Creed.

Lucifer slammed his fist on his desk, 'I won't deny that the little angel has a strong mind, but her mind will only get her so far...' He thought. 'Wait, that's it!'

Lucifer laughed maniacally at what he just thought. He knew what he was going to do to finally break the little angel. He left his office and went to execute his newly formed plan.

Charlotte was kneeling near the little hole in the wall as the moon was shining through. Her hands were folded together and her head was bowed down. She started to mumble a prayer in latin as a white aura appeared around her. As she prayed the white aura made it's way outside and formed into the wings of an angel in the sky. To an untrained eye it looked like a blur of stars, but to someone who knew her secret they would get the message of where she was at. Moments later she opened her eyes and the white aura that was around her disappeared. Soon after Charlotte laid down on the cold ground with a smile as she let sleep consume her, knowing that she was going to be out of here soon.

Morning came quickly as Charlotte was forced from her slumber as she was picked up by her hair. She let out a small scream at the sudden action. The next thing caught her by surprise as she was thrown against the wall of her cell. She screamed as her back hit the wall with a brute force.

"Wake up little angel." She heard someone said.

She looked up to see Lucifer standing in front of her. He had a sinacle smirk upon his face. Charlotte knew that today was going to worse than any other day before. Inside she was scared to know what was going to happen, but on the outside she stayed stoic and emotionless. She knew that if she were to portray any emotion, it would make things worse for her.

"What the hell are you doing here, Lucifer?" She spat.

Lucifer smirked, "Why else would I would here?" He said with a shrug.

She glared at him, "I would rather rot in hell than tell you anything."

Lucifer smacked her hard causing her to fall back and hit her head on her cell floor. She blacked out for a moment before she was hauled to her feet and her hands shackled behind her. Lucifer had called one of his henchmen and he forced Charlotte to walk. The henchman was tall about 6 foot even with salt and pepper hair in a buzz cut, and cold black eyes.

"Lance, take her to room nine. And make sure she tied up nice and tight." Lucifer informed him.

The henchman, now known as Lance, nodded and took Charlotte to the designated room. Before they went in, Lance had knocked Charlotte out and put a blindfold on her. He then threw her over his shoulder and entered the room. He put her down on the chair that was in the middle room and tied her hands behind the chair while they were still cuffed. Lance then tied her legs to the legs of the chair and made sure that they were tied tightly. The blindfold was kept over Charlotte's eyes. Once Lance was sure that the little angel wouldn't escape he left the room and went to get Lucifer.

It didn't take long for Lance to return to room nine with Lucifer. Lucifer smirked as he entered the room. He knew exactly how to break the little angels will and mind. He walked over to Charlotte and and his finger along the back of her neck. His smirk became wider as he felt her shiver in response and look around. He then leaned down near Charlotte's ear and ran is tongue along the shell, and she stiffened immediately.

"I will make you tell me, little angel." He whispered harshly into her ear.

"No, I won't." She growled.

Lucifer chuckled darkly, "You will tell me or I'm going to make sure your loved ones die a slow painful death."

"Threatening me isn't going to work. The Creed will not fall to the likes of you Lucifer."

"That's what you think, little angel. I will get my revenge on the The Creed and your father."

Before Charlotte could ask what he meant, she felt her shirt being ripped off then a whip coming down on her back. She started to become fearful, but didn't let it show. She couldn't see what was going on and what was going to happen next. The next thing she felt was hot metal hit her skin again. She had to bite back a scream as the burning sensation lasted quiet a while. She then felt blistering hot water hit her skin followed by ice cold water. This pattern continued for a few hours before Lucifer stopped and then threw salt on her wounds. Charlotte screamed as the salt settled into the newly opened wounds on her back and shoulder.

Lucifer pulled her head back by her hair, "Tell me damnit!"

Charlotte stayed quiet as she was in a lot of pain. When she didn't speak Lucifer called over two of his men. He had them untie her from the chair and then suspend her in chains with her hands above her. Her legs were also chained to the floor. Lucifer took the whip from Lance and brought it down on her back once again. Charlotte gritted her teeth to stop a scream. Tears welled up in her eyes as they threatened to fall. Her body was screaming at her to just tell him to get the torture, while her mind was telling her to stay strong for a little longer because she knew that they were coming to save her. The only question remained was if she was going to survive.

"TELL ME YOUR SECRET LITTLE ANGEL!" Lucifer screamed at her.

"No...I...won't... You do not... deserve to... know that." Charlotte said in between breathes.

Lucifer became enraged that he was seeing red, "WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME!?"

"Like I... said ear...lier, I won't... betray my... family." She replied.

Lucifer glared at her harshly, but the glare didn't scare her. Noticing that his glare didn't have any effect on her, he took the belt that was around his waist, and tied it around her neck, cutting of her air supply. Charlotte was trying to get air into her lungs, but when she realized she couldn't she started to struggle. Charlotte started to turn purple before he decided to allow into her lungs. She coughed and panted heavily, trying to recover her air deprived lungs. A few minutes later Lucifer tightened the belt around her neck once again and repeated what just happened a few minutes ago. This lasted for quiet sometime before Lucifer decided that was enough for today.

"Lance, take her back to her cell and give her nothing to eat." Lucifer ordered before walking out of the room.

Lance saluted before going about his duties. When he unchained Charlotte, her legs were so weak that they couldn't support her and she instantly fell to the ground. Lance grabbed her by the upper arm and forced her up. Instead of her walking, Lance dragged her back to her cell and threw her in. Charlotte laid on the stone cold floor shivering. Her body shook violently as she felt the pain of the settle in. She heard the door open but ignored it. She knew that she wasn't going to get any food tonight. She curled up into a ball, letting the tears that she held in finally fall. She cried her heart out before she cried her herself to sleep for the night.

Charlotte awoke the next morning with a little bit of sunlight hitting her eyes. She rubbed her eyes and then looked around and noticed that she was still in her cell. She was confused, wondering why she was still there. Instead of staying on the floor, Charlotte sat up and crawled into the corner. She had to control her breathing as the pain hit her all at once especially when she moved. As she pulled her legs to her chest, she cringed as she felt nothing but pain shoot up her looked over at the door and saw a dirty shirt lying on the floor. She looked down at her self and crossed her arms over her chest. She sighed when she decided to crawl over to the shirt and put it on while her muscles screamed at her to stop her movements and relax. Once she was done putting the shirt on, she slowly crawled back to the corner and resumed her previous position.

Meanwhile, Lucifer was beyond furious. He couldn't believe that his plan didn't work. His plan was full proof and the angel should have told his what he wanted to know, but no she stayed strong. So now here he was back to square one and no answers at all. In his frustration he slammed his fists on the desk knocking over a picture in the process. He stopped for a minute before throwing the picture across the room shattering the glass. Not wanting to be reminded of his past, he left his office and went to the angel's cell.

When he arrived at the cell, the guard saluted to Lucifer and let him into the cell. When Charlotte heard the door open and looked up and saw Lucifer walk in. She looked up at him with sorrow in her eyes from her position on the floor, but ended up getting slapped.

"Don't you dare look at me with those eyes!" He yelled at her.

Lucifer then grabbed her and threw her against the wall. He smirked when she screamed when her back hit the wall with a sickening thud. Charlotte fell limp on the floor, her muscles aching and screaming at her to make it stop. Lucifer stalked his way over to her and then picked her up again with such a force that her head snapped back and hit the wall.

"Why won't you tell me?!"

Charlotte didn't answer but instead looked at his with sorrowful eyes again. He glared at her and pushed her against the wall again and her head hit the wall again as well. The second time her head hit the wall, she felt blood start to trickle down her neck. This continued for 45 minutes before Lucifer had enough and left the angel's cell. Charlotte heard Lucifer tell the guard something and she assumed it was something about her not getting fed anymore. Charlotte fell to her knees and then collapsed forward. She stayed like this for she didn't have the energy to move.

"Kyle, Sissy, Terry, please hurry. I'm not sure how much more I can take of this." She thought before drifting off into unconsciousness.

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