Hi, kid.

You know who I am.

We used to sit by each other.

Then I sat behind you.

Now I sit next to your friend.


Of course you don't.

Only I remember.

I remember when Braden joked that we should go out.

I just wanted to let you know,

I remember.

I was so embarrassed.

Not because of you,

Because I actually really like you.

I know you don't like me.

You might know I like you.

The way I blushed so hard.

The way I ducked behind my book, just like I always do.

The way I always look at you.

The way I blush whenever you talk to me.

You know, we've never had a conversation.

The most you've ever said to me was, "Is that the newest Eragon book?"

My excitement was sprinkled over my one-worded reply.

Do you remember when my head accidentally touched your shoulder in soccer?

I do.

Time froze for me.

I said "sorry", you said "It'sokay." then continued dribbling.

You know, you are amazing.

Everything good about life, all packed into one.

It's true.

Please know that, to me, you are the best.

I just wanted to let you know.

Do you remember when the coach said "You're a great soccer player!"?

Do you remember when I replied "Yeah, he really is.", sighing?

Do you remember when we were going up the stair after lunch?

Do you remember when I spilled all my books by your locker?

You don't, do you?

Do you remember when we were high-fiving good game in soccer?


But I do.

You never remember...

...You never have.

But I just had to ask...

Do you remember me?

Because I will never forget you.