"Cheers," Lanus said, merrily raising his glass.

He took little notice that Kadon didn't raise his glass but raised the glass to his mouth, as if to prove a point. But what point was there to prove? Kadon smirked, seeing right through his game. The Jose were simply too innocent.

Kadon tore his eyes away from Lanus and looked to Master Hagen. He was horrified to see the glass in his hand. Master Hagen was smiling and slowly putting the glass to his lips. Well, it felt slow to Kadon.

Kadon eyed Valla, thankfully her glass was left untouched, and she picked up her butter knife, with her left hand, and sent it flying. The deafening sound of shattered glass was nothing compared to the blood pool created by the shards.

The next turn of events went quicker than normal. There were no screams or shouts. Only blood.

The waiter was knocked out quickly with a punch to the face by Xing. Valla immediately went over to Master Hagen and took off her bandage to tie around his hand. Chester easily cornered Lanus and repeatedly hit him, but didn't knock him out. Kadon walked over, hungry for answers.

Lanus' cheery face became pale; Kadon could see it even through the layers of powder covering his cheeks. His eyes widened and almost changed shape.

"What's in our food and drink, Prick-per?" Kadon asked.

It seemed Lanus refused to go down without trying to defend his honour, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Even six-faces under you can be read like a book," Xing scoffed, referring to the tremendous amount of make-up he was wearing.

Lanus wearily eyed them and shuddered, "Malden's poison."

Malden's poison is a mixture of snake venom, rust flakes and martyr's blood. Wilcox Malden discovered the deadly mixture when he left a tin can full of his son's blood from a blood test earlier that day out in the open. A snake came upon it and attempted to drink it, and ended up seeping its poison. His son, stupidly Kadon thought, dipped his finger in it and tasted it, killing him. It was apparently very painful and sufferers claimed they would rather shoot themselves so it was over faster.

Kadon was relieved to say the least. But before he could breathe easy, another thought startled him.

"Where is this plane going?"

Lanus gave him a crooked smile and chortled, "Jose. Jose's imprisonment centre."

Chester knocked him out and started making his way over to the pilot. Kadon and Xing had already started. Valla stayed behind with Master Hagen and Lanus.

Xing took the metalloid branch that was still in her hair and tried her hand at picking a lock. She was successful. Then she moved on to knocking out the pilot while Kadon and Chester began fiddling with the controls at random.

"We need to go left!" Chester shouted over the engine.

Kadon hastily fiddled with some buttons. Though he had no clue which one he had pressed, they started leaning left.

"Where are we going anyways?" Kadon returned.

Chester just smiled and replied, "Home."


Kadon rested his back to the tall tree trunk and recounted everything that happened.

Kadon and Chester worked together to figure out the controls and once they had, they needed to know the directions. That problem was easily solved when Master Hagen stepped forward.

Xing and Valla stayed behind to give them as much room as possible. Kadon told them to somehow dispose of all the food, except for Lanus' food.

Speaking of Lanus, he was still knocked out. But Kadon heard from Master Hagen that Xing decided to give him permanent amnesia instead of killing him. Kadon, though initially displeased with that solution, supposed it was for the best. They didn't know for sure that Lanus wanted them dead. He could have merely known of the plan.

Either way, Kadon and Chester had steered them away from Jose and to Master Hagen's Fight School without too much drama.

Kadon went to visit his 'parents', who missed him gravely. They obviously had no idea of the trouble that might come their way, but Kadon chose not to talk about that.

Chester was reunited with his family as well. He got to see his baby sister for the first time. Fortunately, Chester wouldn't have to break the news of possible punishment coming their way; they already knew. But they too didn't think too much about it.

Kadon was snapped out of his reverie when Valla came along. Kadon laughed dryly, realising he hadn't thought about her that much lately.

But his laughter stopped shortly after it started. When they got back, Valla went with Xing to a psychologist because Xing was concerned by her cold behavior during the tournament. Valla was then labelled 'mental'. There was something wrong with her brain. What an awful life to live!

But it was easy to forget her state of mind. She acted so naturally.

"Hey," said Valla.


She sat down on the opposite side of the tree trunk, facing away from Kadon.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

"Of everything that happened. You?" Kadon answered.

"Of everything that could have happened," Valla replied.

There were a lot of things Valla could have meant by that.

"Yeah," Kadon agreed vaguely.

"I think we are the first team to ever escape the Century Tournament," Valla stated out of the blue.

"We survived, not escaped," Kadon retorted flatly.

"Not strictly. The Century Tournament continues longer. There are interviews and things like that for the survivors. They are still part of it. But we escaped."

"That's great, but how long can we keep running. Eventually people are going to pay the price for our actions," said Kadon.

"I thought you said you were thinking about everything that happened. Not everything that is going to happen."

"Plans change, and we would know that," Kadon stated, remembering the war that nearly occurred.

Valla took Kadon's hand but didn't turn around. It felt slightly intimate, but Kadon looked past it in the spur of this moment.

"That's right. We don't live in an ideal world. But let's forget about this, just for tonight. We've been through too much. Let tomorrow come. What is it that Xing says…suàn le (算了)… Let it be."

Suàn le. Let it be.

I don't know what's coming next, but let's enjoy tonight and let tomorrow come…


There you have it, Century Tournament!

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Oh and also, for anyone who keeps comparing this story to the Hunger Games, this was not based on that brilliant novel.

~Lady Musica