Afraid of the Dark

I run into my house just as a bright flash of lightning lights up the dark sky behind me. My mom called me and my sister inside so we can take shelter from the storm raging outside. I hear the rain pounding on the roof and the loud crack of thunder.

My mom, dad, sister and me all live in a small two story house. We live in the country side so are closest neighbor is still about a ten minute drive. It can get lonely sometimes but at least I have an older sister who plays with me. My sister, Rachel, is four years older than me at eleven. We usually spend our days playing outside since all we have inside to do is watch TV and read. With my very limited options I decide to watch TV probably the rest of the night until I go to bed.

I look at the kitchen clock to see that it is only four in the afternoon. That leaves me with five hours of boredom. I head into the living room which consists of an old arm chair my dad favors and a rocking chair my mom does the sewing in. my an my sister and I either sit on the couch or the floor depending on our mood.

I hop on the couch and turn the TV to Cartoon Network. I see my parents and sister playing a stupid card game in the kitchen. I sit there and watch TV for about an hour until the TV and lights suddenly go out.

"Looks like the storm knocked the power out. Everyone just sit where you are while I go and see if I can find some flashlights." I can hear my dad say from the kitchen. I don't like this. I have always been afraid of the dark because of all the monsters that stay only in the dark where they can eat you without being seen. I feel my heart start beating faster as the darkness surrounds me. It seems as if it is getting darker by the second.

I hear a ghostly wail that causes me to jump up from the couch. I can't run though because I can't see what's in my way. If I take off I will just run into something. But I can hear the wail grow louder and decide that I would rather crash into something than meet whatever is creating that sound. I reach the door that I think leads to the basement. That is certainly not somewhere I would like to be in this situation. I just stand there and stare at the door I can barely make out through the shroud of darkness. I hear footsteps closing in on me though and I can't bring myself to move. I slowly open the door. All I see when I peer down is darkness. Only darkness exists in this house at this moment. I feel a cold chill on the back of my neck that causes me to jump a little but only the back of my foot hits the ground causing me to fall forward. The ghost pushed me, is the last though I have before I fell my head hit something then, nothing.