Confession: I am a very loud person in a mute person's body.
Admission: I am a very proud person in a meek person's body.

Confession: I am quick to give armfuls but slow to take thimbles.
Admission: I am in perpetual spiritual, mental, and verbal need, but losing my tinkering armful of possessions quickly.

Confession: I have quick thoughts like closing doors, but slow feelings like drying glue.
Admission: I have many doors in my home. Not much glue.

Confession: I do recognize the reflection of your face, even as I dumbly pass by you.
Admission: I ponder how your day went, and if you're still feeling under the weather, even after you've turned many glass corners ahead of me, and beyond.

Confession: I see you.
Admission: I see you, I see you.

Confession: "Where have you been?"
Admission: ...

Confession: "Where are you headed?"
Admission: ...!

Confession: "...?"
Admission: I hear you.

Confession: "What do you need?"
Admission: I am a very loud person in a mute person's body.