I used to be that girl,

Yes, that one right there,

The one you've been avoiding

The one with an evil stare

That girl who's the bane

Of your entire existence

The one who looks just perfect

While you're at best plain

Let me ask you something

Of course about that girl

What do you know about her?Just the rumors right?

Daddy who adores her,

Mother who buys her the whole store?

Ever gone to that girl's house?

Lived the life she's forced through

Every day

Have you met her older sister,

Kicked out at sixteen,

Date-raped by her boyfriend,'

Eight months pregnant and alone?

Or her younger brother,

The one no one knows about,

Because her parents couldn't handle him

Because he had a disability

That needed attention

Which they couldn't give?

Were you there the day,

Her mother drank so much,

She puked all over the brand new rugs,

That made her go over the moon?

Did you witness the time,

She went to drop off her father's lunch

And caught him kissing his assistant

In plain sight of the whole office?

I apologize

For being that girl

And if my words ever hurt you

But maybe if you tried to talk to

That girl

She may not be that vicious

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