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Fifteen Paces

"Oh, and the part when the alien exploded across Angeline's face?" Cillian exclaimed. Quincy laughed heartily as they walked up the pathway towards Cillian's front door. They had just gotten off of a movie date, though it couldn't really be considered a movie date per say.
"That was the best part," Quincy admitted as Cillian fished a key out of the back pocket of his jeans. Quincy quirked an eyebrow in interest at the shapely form of Cillian's backside and how the jeans made his rear look all the more appealing. This night he had been feeling especially connected with Cillian, though the details of the connection weren't the easiest ones to place.
"Come on in," Cillian said, gesturing for Quincy to follow as he stepped inside of his house. Quincy followed, his eyes adjusting to the darkness before Cillian clicked on a light in the front entry way. "Drop your shoes here." Quincy kicked his off and watched Cillian do the same, placing his Converse orderly and straight against the wall. Quincy quickly rearranged his to meet Cillian's standards, chuckling when the other man shot him an odd look. He didn't say anything about the change and watched as Cillian disappeared towards the family room of the house.

Quincy stood in the entryway for a moment, unsure of whether or not he should follow Cillian. His hands were tucked into the pockets of his jeans and he rocked back and forth on his heels.

"Quincy." He heard Cillian call out to him.


"Are you coming?" Cillian poked his head around the corner and smiled at Quincy, his sea green eyes sparkling.

"Ah...right." Quincy entered the family room to see the younger man sitting on the leather couch opposite him. Cillian patted the seat next to him and Quincy gladly took it, sitting so close to Cillian that their legs were nearly touching. Quincy's palms were getting moist, and he wiped them against his jeans in an effort to fix the problem, but it didn't really seem to help. He really wasn't sure why he was so nervous—but sitting so close to man that looked this good got his heart racing.

Cillian leaned his head back and let a slow breath escape from his mouth, his eyes closing shut temporarily. Quincy took advantage of the moment and immediately studied Cillian's face for everything he was worth. The man had a firm jawline but it was fairly so, along with the smallest bit of sandy blonde hair growing out of the end of it. It could almost be called a goatee if it weren't for the fact that it was freshly shaven, probably from that morning. His hair was tucked slightly behind his ears, some of the stray strands falling on his face or his temples. Cillian's lips, though... they were beautiful. Pursed, as if in thought, but also silent and ever so faintly slacked as if uncertain with what to make of the world. They were the epitome of perfection, just the right size and so dazzling that Quincy found himself wanting to draw closer, the want to taste them raging through his body...
"Quincy?" Came Cillian's voice, his eyes now fixed on the man who had been watching Cillian with the eyes of a hawk. "Are you alright?" Quincy cleared his throat, looking away as his heart easily qualified for the NASCAR championship.
"Y-yeah, I was just..." Quincy trailed off, unsure of how to tell Cillian what he had been observing so fervently.

"If you were staring at my perfection, Quincy, all you have to do is say so." The corner of Cillian's mouth twitched, but his facial expression remained the same. He and Quincy stared at each other for a moment, sea green eyes meeting intense gray ones, before the older man spoke.

"I-I was." Cillian raised an eyebrow as Quincy lowered his own eyes to his lap to study his shaking hands. Cillian had meant it as a joke and yet Quincy answered—he hadn't been expecting that at all.

"That was...I didn't mean...you didn't have to..." Cillian stumbled over his words, unsure of what to say.

"I think you're hot," Quincy blurted out, surprising the both of them even further. "I mean, you caught me staring, so I might as well let you know."

"Q-Quincy...I..." The younger man trailed off, his breath hitching in his throat when Quincy suddenly leaned over, his lips close to Cillian's ear.

"I can't help myself around you," Quincy whispered heatedly in Cillian's ear, making the younger man shiver from the suddenly intense atmosphere. "Every time I look at you I love what I see. Every time I touch you my body goes insane." He laid his hand on the side of Cillian's jaw, slowly turning the younger's head so that they were looking dead in one another's eyes. Cillian couldn't—didn't—want to pull his eyes away from Quincy for even a split second.
"Q-Quincy, I... I-I'm at a loss..." Cillian stammered, unsure of what to make of the man's piercing gaze and the unexpected confession.
"The only thing that's stopping me from kissing you, right now," Quincy continued, not slowing down for Cillian's words for even a second, "Is the amount of time it takes to bridge the distance between our lips." Cillian felt the goose bumps explode all across his body from the words that had just left Quincy's mouth. Without another sound Quincy moved forwards, gingerly pressing his lips against Cillian's own in a light but somehow passionate kiss.

This man's lips were heaven.

Quincy thumb stroked Cillian's cheek as their lips pressed urgently against one another's. Cillian's hands scrabbled at Quincy's shirt, trying to find something to grab onto to pull him closer—he couldn't seem to get enough. Their lips never parted as they shifted on the couch, Quincy now straddling the younger man's waist. Cillian's fingers raked through Quincy's long hair, and he felt the older man smile into the kiss.

Reluctantly, Quincy broke away, resting his forehead against Cillian's. "I hope I didn't...sorry. We just sort of jumped into things." Both men were breathing heavily, Cillian's arms still linked around Quincy's neck.

"No problem," The younger man gasped, his breathing still ragged. "I don't mind."

"Then allow me to continue," Quincy managed, still dazed from his first kiss with Cillian. He went back in for another kiss, connecting quickly and forcing himself harder against Cillian, lips pleading and urgent as if there was not enough time in the world for them. Cillian opened his mouth to try to say something, but the words were swallowed up by Quincy's tongue when it dove into Cillian's unguarded mouth. Cillian moaned quietly into their kiss as he swirled his tongue against Quincy's own, feelings of never-ending bliss pounding through his veins.
The room became uncomfortably warm out of nowhere, a fact which Quincy took full use of when he ground his hips against Cillian. The young man curled his hands into the back of Quincy's shirt, pleading with himself not to let another moan escape, which one did anyways, vibrating deep into Quincy's jaw.
They ripped away for air, both beyond breathless and totally delirious from the kiss. Their foreheads touched yet again, their staggered breathing passing across one another's face as they desperately tried in vain to calm their rapidly heating bodies.

"I think...I think we should continue this elsewhere," Cillian whispered, his cheeks flushed and his chest rising and falling quickly. Their hips were still pressed hard together, and Quincy could feel Cillian's excitement pressing against his own.

Quincy raised an eyebrow—he thought he knew what the younger man was implying, but he didn't want to push him into anything he wasn't ready for. However, Cillian nodded, confirming his thoughts.

Grinning, Quincy clambered off of Cillian, and as soon as the younger man stood, Quincy attacked his lips once again. They staggered back, out of the family room and into the main hall, their lips still molded together, Cillian's hands gripping the back of Quincy's shirt.

Cillian's back suddenly came in contact with a hard surface—the wall—and Quincy's hand was immediately at the front of his now tight jeans, rubbing the bulge there. Cillian couldn't help but moan, and his hips involuntarily pushed forward, wanting to experience more of the incredible feeling.

Quincy groaned low in his throat at the feeling of Cillian's hips involuntarily twitching into his hand—that had always been one of his favorite movements. Quincy pulled away from Cillian's mouth, as much as he hated to, and pulled the young man's shirt up. Quincy's lips were on Cillian's skin in no time, his fingers still rubbing the sides of Cillian's clothed erection. Cillian pressed one side of his head against the wall, his mouth begging to let sounds out through his tightly-clenched teeth. This was his first time but Cillian had known beforehand that he would be quite loud if he let himself go.
Cillian gasped sharply when Quincy's mouth wrapped around one of his nipples, sucking gently on the dusky-maroon bud. The hand now messing with the front clip of his jeans temporarily distracted Cillian from the insane ecstasy he was feeling at Quincy's teeth grazing his nipple. But when Quincy tongued the bud slowly, not even pressing it hard but rather lightly touching it, Cillian's body spasmed while unnatural noises and hot moans spilled from his mouth. He had never known that his nipples were his greatest weakness until right about now.

The tip of Quincy's tongue circled around the bud, his hands sliding up from Cillian's now unbuttoned jeans and over his abs, feeling them quiver under his touch. Cillian's hands had slipped under the older man's shirt, his fingers lightly running along Quincy's spine, making him shiver.

Cillian let out another moan when Quincy began nibbling at his nipple, simultaneously pinching and pulling at the other. "D-damn Quincy..." Quincy pulled back slightly, blowing cool air on the bud, which was now hard and standing at attention. He grazed his teeth along the other nipple before planting open mouthed kisses up to Cillian's jawline, his hands traveling south again.

They unzipped the younger man's pants and touched the bulge again, one less piece of fabric between them now. Cillian bit his lip and pushed his hips forward again. Quincy loved the power he had over the younger man right now—he was putty in his hands, almost literally. He gave a gentle squeeze to Cillian's erection, making him whimper.

Oh damn those noises.

Gingerly, Quincy peeled away the last piece of fabric between Cillian's member and his hand, a pair of dark red boxers. The younger man let out a breath of glorified relief as his erection appeared in front of Quincy's eyes, finally unrestricted by fabric. It took a second for Quincy to fully realize that he was actually looking at Cillian's penis, flushed with arousal and waiting—waiting for him.
"Damn, Cillian..." Quincy murmured, his hand slowly curling around the shaft. Cillian whimpered again—Quincy loved that sound more every time he heard it. The older man ran his thumb over the slit and Cillian let out something that sounded like an "aah". It was difficult to tell, due to the fact that he was biting his lip so hard.
Quincy pressed his cheek against the organ; Cillian's member was very warm and pulsated like a heart. Quincy let his tongue stroke from the underside of the shaft up to the top lethargically, blinding Cillian temporarily before another small sound escaped his mouth.

Cillian's fingers curled into Quincy's hair, tugging at the roots of the deep brown locks and making Quincy groan against Cillian's penis. Cillian's hips twitched, but he forced himself, with much difficulty, to stay still when Quincy lips wrapped around the head of his penis.

"Holy shit," Cillian squeaked, squeezing his eyes shut as the older man began to suck him. Quincy's hand wrapped around the base of Cillian's member, twisting around it and squeezing at random intervals.

No one had ever given Cillian head this good, and he was surprised that he had lasted this long already, though he knew he wouldn't be lasting much longer. He could no longer hold back the moans tumbling from his lips, and his hips began to involuntarily thrust forward, pushing himself deeper into Quincy's mouth.

Quincy let his tongue slide around the head of Cillian's member, bringing forth more moans, these ones louder, as waves of ecstasy swept through him. His hips bucked sharply and half of his penis was forced into Quincy's mouth—the sudden heat was overwhelming. As Quincy painstakingly slid his lips up and down Cillian's penis, the younger could only next to thrash wildly from the pleasure coursing through his body. Cillian couldn't control himself any longer.
With a heavy and rather feminine moan, he came hot into Quincy's mouth.
The older man kept his lips firm as the bitter liquid gushed from Cillian's member, eventually sliding down his throat. He refused to let himself release the shaft from between his lips until every last drop was out. Above him Cillian's breaths came in short, ragged bursts; his eyes were unfocused from the suddenness of his orgasm. He almost felt ashamed for coming that easily.
"Fuck Cillian, you tasted amazing," Quincy praised, removing his lips and licking his fingers as if just finishing a meal. Cillian shivered from the look in Quincy's eyes, but he didn't know if it was nervousness or not. "I can't wait..." Quincy leaned in closely, "to be inside of you." Cillian couldn't suppress a groan—there was no way he was going to object to that when his member picked up again in interest.

"Quincy," Cillian mumbled, burying his head in the crook of the older man's neck. "You're still wearing clothes. This is a problem." Quincy chuckled and kissed Cillian's shoulder.

"Want to fix that?" Quincy allowed the younger man to shed him of his clothes, his shirt disappearing first and then his jeans and boxers, leaving both men naked in front of each other. Cillian's eyes wandered down to Quincy's penis—at six and a half inches, it stood erect, and the younger man groaned as he imagined how that would feel pushing into him. He reached out and gingerly wrapped his hand around Quincy's member, eliciting a sharp gasp from him.

He began to stroke him, Cillian's head still nuzzled into the older man's neck, and Quincy's hand slid down Cillian's back to his backside, giving a small squeeze and realizing that it was just as firm as it had looked with jeans covering it. Drifting down further, Quincy found exactly what he was looking for, and pushed two fingers slowly inside of the younger man.

Cillian was ashamed at the moan that escaped his mouth, and the ones that came after as Quincy's fingers began to scissor inside of him. He bit down on Quincy's shoulder, trying to hold them in and not seem like the virgin he was, but that didn't help.

"F-fuck, Quincy, I—ahh..." Cillian couldn't even form words that weren't Quincy, an expletive, or had a moan interrupting it. Sometimes he really hated being a virgin because of the embarrassment of these kinds of sounds, but with the way Quincy was pleasing his body, he couldn't really complain.
Out of the blue a third finger entered and Cillian arched against Quincy, their members grinding against one another fiercely. Both men let pass from their lips a low groan as Quincy spread his fingers wider inside of Cillian. The younger man bit his lip harder until Quincy finally pulled his fingers out of Cillian. He chuckled as he looked at Cillian's shivering form, the man a beautiful sight. Cillian felt so turned on it was painful and he was close to begging for Quincy to fuck him.
"What do you want, Cillian?" Quincy muttered, licking the shell of Cillian's ear.
"P-please..." Cillian managed, unable to voice his desires.
"Please... What?" Cillian bit his tongue and blushed brightly—damn, he was downright adorable.
"I w-want you to fuck me. Please, Quincy," Cillian said, a needy tone in his voice. The older man couldn't help but shiver; this was their first time and already Cillian was begging.

Quincy pressed Cillian to the wall again and kissed him as he rotated his hips, grinding against the younger man and forcing another loud moan from him. Cillian wrapped his arms around the older man and gasped when Quincy ran a finger up his length.

"Wrap your legs around my waist," Quincy murmured, his lips ghosting along Cillian's jawline. Cillian whimpered and complied, wrapping his legs tightly around Quincy's waist, feeling the older man's penis poking his backside, so close to where he really needed to be.

"P-please..." Cillian stuttered, arching into Quincy's touch. "Please enter me..." Quincy lined himself up with the younger man's sphincter and pushed in, both of them groaning at the feeling.

Cillian shook against Quincy's body. He had never had this feeling of fullness before and it was incredible—he was afraid that if Quincy began to stroke him, he'd come in less than ten seconds—so he began to stroke himself.

"Don't ruin everything, now," Quincy warned through his teeth as Cillian stroked himself slowly. The older man groaned louder—Cillian was incredibly tight, even after being scissored. This was Quincy's first time with a virgin and he never knew that they would still feel so good after being spread.
Quincy sheathed himself entirely inside Cillian, the younger man shaking quite heavily. Cillian shifted his hips to alleviate a little bit of the pain and Quincy gasped—the man's insides massaged his member like a hot, well-lubricated hand. Quincy's shaft pulsed inside of Cillian like a heart and the young man moaned quietly.
"Are you ready?" Quincy questioned, his heart pounding out of his chest. Cillian could only whimper in agreement, his fingers still stroking his own penis leisurely.

And then Quincy started to move.
CIllian gasped at the feeling—he had no idea that it'd feel this good. "Quincy..." He moaned, wrapping his free arm around the older man's shoulders and burying his face in his shoulder.

Quincy shut his eyes tight; if he looked at Cillian's pleasure-stricken face even once he would orgasm before they were at their peak. He bit his tongue at the sheer amount of sweet, delicious friction between their bodies as he moved in and out of Cillian. The younger moaned sinfully in Quincy's arms at the hardness inside of him, now moving a little quicker.
"Q-Quincy..." Cillian moaned again, louder this time as the older man's hips forced more inside him. Quincy rolled his hips up and into Cillian, drawing forth a rather loud gasp from the younger man. His pace quickened a little more and Cillian keened softly at the heavenly erotic sensations.
Out of nowhere they burst into the throes of ecstasy.
Quincy kicked his thrusts into high gear, his member pounding into Cillian and shaking the young man harder every time. Cillian could only moan and gasp louder with each passing second, feeling like a virgin girl in the process. He ground his hips down to meet Quincy's thrusts, somehow managing to force more of the older man inside of him.

And suddenly, Quincy hit a spot inside of Cillian that made him scream out in ecstasy. His hand moved faster over himself, and if Quincy hadn't been so focused on drilling into him, all he would've seen was a blur.

"D-do that again." He groaned, pushing his hips down as Quincy thrust up into him, hitting that spot again. Cillian could feel the older man's penis pulsating inside of him, and he knew that Quincy was close to his orgasm. Cillian was as well, his own member starting to throb in his hand, that boiling feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Shit..." Quincy gasped, gripping Cillian's hips hard, his nails digging into the younger man's skin. He thrust hard into Cillian, making his back hit the wall, a delicious moan rolling off his tongue and past his swollen lips. "So tight..."

"I can't...Q-Quincy, I can't..." Cillian couldn't get the words out—his mind was so clouded from all the pleasure coursing through his veins that he could barely see.

Quincy hit that spot deep inside Cillian again, making the man spasm and writhe in Quincy's hot thrusts. And just that like Cillian felt it—the coil in his stomach unleashed like a viper striking and he couldn't control himself. Stroking himself at top speed, Cillian screamed—the loudest scream of pleasure Quincy had ever heard anyone let pass from their lips—and he came for the second time that night, emptying himself all across Quincy's face. The older man managed to shut one eye as the liquid burst onto his face, Cillian's body tightening down like a vice on Quincy's member from his orgasm.
With one last heavy thrust Quincy let himself crash through the ceiling into the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had in his entire life.
Cillian cried out as the warm fluids washed into his body, coating every inch of his insides. Quincy rocked his hips into Cillian several more times, mercilessly emptying everything he had into the younger man. Cillian whimpered quietly when Quincy finally quit thrusting, his member still sheathed deeply inside of the younger. Quincy smirked when he noticed that Cillian was looking at the mess he had made on the older man's face.

"I...I didn't mean to..." Cillian managed to sputter, his eyes glancing at his come that was painted across Quincy's face.

"Now how am I going to manage to get this off of my face?" Quincy hummed, still slightly breathless. Hesitantly, Cillian leaned forward, his cheeks flushed pink, and licked his own come off of the older man's face.

Damn. If that wasn't the hottest thing Quincy had ever experienced...

Cillian pulled back, and the two men gazed at each other as the younger man unhooked his legs from around Quincy's waist. "You're adorable," Quincy murmured, his fingers knotting into the hair at the nape of Cillian's neck, leaning into kiss him.

Their tongues tangled together in an elegant dance and Quincy moaned into the kiss when he tasted the younger man's come on his lips once again.

Cillian pulled away after a few seconds, entirely breathless from both the kiss and the sex. A sudden thought took to him—Quincy had taken his virginity. He smiled as he steadied his wobbly legs, still unsure of their footing on the ground. This would have been so much easier in the bedroom instead of against the wall.
"Could you not wait until we got to the bedroom?" Cillian managed, still pressed against Quincy with the wall behind him. Quincy cast a gaze down the hall-the door couldn't have been more than fifteen paces away and here they stood coming down from insane sexual highs against a wall.
"I got impatient," Quincy purred, pulling Cillian back into a small kiss. Cillian relented to the man's overbearing and very welcome presence, melting into Quincy's mouth yet again.
Fifteen paces—really?

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