"Will she be safe?" Marie asked her husband.

"Safer than here," her husband, Jake answered. "It's time to say goodbye." Marie looked down at her baby girl.

"I'll find you," she said. "I love you. My baby Ivy." Tears came to Maries yes.

"It's not safe," Jake whispered to himself. "Ivy, you'll be safe. We'll find you. I love you." Marie embraced her husband. They put their baby in the basket next to them. Jake whispered something and the basket disappeared. All of a sudden, an explosion came from behind them. Marie screamed.

"Jake!" she yelled, after not being able to see him from fallen debris.

"Marie!" He yelled.

"Where is everyone!" Someone yelled from nearby.

"Mack!" Marie half said to herself. "Mack!" She yelled. A man walked over to her. He gave her a hug.

"Where's Jake?" he asked.

"Over here," Jake said, as he walked out from under some debris. His previously brown hair was covered in soot, making it look gray. He coughed, as he limped over to his wife.

"And where's Ivy?" Mack asked. Marie looked at the ground, while Jake sighed.

"Gone," he replied. "It wasn't safe for her. We sent her to an orphanage. She'll be adopted." He hugged his wife, who had started crying again.

"Oh, gosh. Guys, I am so sorry," he said. "You'll find her. Once this war is over. The mortals can't hold up much longer." The couple nodded. Another explosion came from behind them. There was another scream. "ADDY!" Mack screamed with so much force, it caused Marie to jump. Mack went running to the source.

"Come," Jake said, with an outstretched hand to his wife. "Let's fight. For Ivy." Marie nodded, and she got up. Lights came from their hands. The large pieces of machinery that were causing these horrible explosions were soon covered in vines, water waves, fire and multiple other things. Mack came into view, holding hands with a young, blonde, woman. The woman waved to the other couple. They too, had lights coming from their hands, Mack's a bit brighter than the other woman's. Soon, many other people came to their aid, all with lights in their hands. All were different colors.

"Mack, I don't think they can hold up much longer!" Jake said with an exhilarated laugh. Mack Laughed too, and so did many others, all cheering in a way. There was one louder explosion, and everything went blank.

Part two of the Prologue:

"Was that a knock at the door?" Amelia asked her assistant Genevieve.

"I believe so," Genevieve answered in her cute British accent.

"Will you answer it Ginny? I need to finish this paperwork. Mae is getting adopted tomorrow," Aimee said. Ginny nodded. She walked to the door, thinking about her time in this orphanage, how she was never adopted, but that was because she never wanted to be. She sighed, thinking about how happy and fulfilling her life was, how she was always in the same place, hardly ever left, and, and…. Sometimes she resented how she chose her life, but not today. Not with little Mae, who had been here since she was an infant, was being adopted. She opened the door. She looked around, but no one was there. She looked down, and saw a baby in a basket. She would've screamed, but she was used to people dropping off unwanted infants. It made her sad. She walked back to her office, carrying the little basket. When Aimee saw it, she made a "tsk-tsk" sound.

"Poor dear," she said. "Was there a note?" Ginny checked in the basket and pulled out a small envelope, ad began to read aloud.

" 'This is our darling Ivy Willow Greene. We love her beyond love, but she is…..not safe. We needed to find a place to keep her. Take care of her, and hopefully, one day, she shall be adopted. We hope to find her one day, to tell her we love her. I the meantime, here is a necklace that was mine, her mother, and the blanket was her father's. Tell her we love her.

-Marie and Jake Greene'" Ginny looked up, with a small tear I her eye.

"Poor girl," Aimee said. "Come. Let's find her a nice little place in one of the baby rooms."

"I do hope she is adopted," said Ginny.

"Me too," Aimee said. "There is the couple from Long Island that just moved from France that is looking to adopt tomorrow. Perhaps they would have an interest in this little one." Ginny nodded. As much as she doubted it, she still liked to hope. Hope had kept every girl in this small orphanage happy. Hope that one day they would be adopted, that they would have a family. But Ginny had a family. The orphans were her family. They made her happy. And hopefully, hope would keep this little one happy too.