"Hello?" a 15 year old girl, Ivy, picked up her iPhone. "Hey! Nothing much, You? Oh yeah? Was it fun? The beach? I don't know, my parents might not let me. I guess. Who else is going? Ugh, Bea? Really? Oh, fine. Yeah, she was nice in like, kindergarten! Hold on." Ivy pressed mute on her phone. "Mom! Can I go to the beach with Jess?"

"Is your bed made?" her mother called back, in her French accent.

"The cleaners are coming today!" Ivy reminded her mother.

"Fine! Be safe!" Her mother told her.

"Yes," Ivy said to herself. "Hey, Jess? Yeah, I can come. Who's driving? He got his license? Is your brother bringing friends? Not Mallory. She is so annoying! I know. Okay. See you in half an hour." She pressed end and quickly threw on a bathing suit, a cover up, and grabbed a towel. She ran downstairs and grabbed a raspberry muffin. Her parents were sitting at the table. "Bonjour." Ivy said, as her parents wanted her to speak more French, their native language.

"Hello darling," her father said to her. "Who is going to the beach?"

"A lot of people," Ivy replied casually.


"Umm, Jess, Lilly, Sierra, Bea, Sarah, Nora, Cass, Emma, Jack, Jason, Andy, Jess's older brother, some of his friends, and Mallory," Ivy answered.

"You have too many friends," her father said. Ivy laughed.

"George will be here in half hour to pick us up," Ivy said.

"Jess's brother got a license?" Ivy's dad asked.

"Apparently," Ivy said. "Can I bring the surf board?"

"If it will fit on his car," her mother said. "Ever since we went to California, you surf in Zee Ocean like a mad woman." Ivy smiled. There was a horn honking.

"Bye!" Ivy said as she ran outside. George helped Ivy put the surfboard on top of his car. She hopped in to the back seat, where Sierra, Lilly, and Jess were sitting. "Hey."

"Hey," said Jess.

"Where is everyone else?" Ivy asked her friends.

"They all got rides. We can't fit 20 people in this small car," Jess said with laugh.

"I hear Bea is going," Ivy said, to see what they would say.

"Ugh," said Lilly and Sierra at the same time. They laughed.

"I know," said Jess. "But my mom said to invite her. She said that if we abandon her, she will see revenge." Ivy laughed. She hated Bea, ever since in 7th grade, when she poured a soda down her dress at a dance, the first dance she was allowed to wear heels at, the first dance she danced with someone. She wanted to seek revenge on Bea.

"We should seek revenge on her," said Sierra. Lilly nodded, Jess smiled, and Ivy shrugged. "We are going to be at the beach, with lots of people. Perfect place." Mallory turned around from the front seat.

"Don't" said Mallory in a nasally voice. "She will get revenge on your way more if you do. Trust me. I did the same thing to her sister. I regret it still." This worried Ivy, but the others didn't pay attention to her.

"Yeah, we'll keep that in mind," said Sierra. George stopped suddenly. A blonde man driving next to him yelled, but the woman with long brown hair shushed him. Ivy rolled her eyes. These people must have been tourists or something. George honked his horn loudly. Mallory hit him. Ivy rolled her eyes at these two, too.

"Mallory's right," Ivy said. "Let's not embarrass her, just for now." The other girls nodded. They respected her, and knew that they had no choice but to agree. Ivy took a deep breath. She didn't want to have a girl trying to ruin her life on her back. George pulled up for gas, and the couple that had yelled earlier was looking for directions. Ivy knew the area better than most adults, so she went over to go help them.

"What are you looking for," she asked.

"Um, we are looking for the St. Patrick's Orphanage," the woman said unsurely. Ivy's throat got dry. That was her orphanage.

"Oh, are you looking to adopt?" she asked them.

"I guess you could say that," the man said.

"Oh, ok," Ivy said, then gave them the direction that they needed. They thanked her. "You're welcome. And tell Aimee and Ginny that Ivy Willow Greene says hello." Ivy smiled, but the couple looked shocked.

"Yes, we will," the woman said, as if she was struggling to get the words out. The man nodded. As Ivy walked away she heard, "Was there a necklace?" and "Yes I saw it." The couple looked at her. Ivy walked away slowly. She got back in the car, as George started the ignition. Ivy looked behind her and saw that the couple was not following her directions, but was following George's car.

"George," said Ivy, scared. "Pull into that parking lot." George didn't argue, but Mallory rolled her eyes. The couple drove straight past them. Ivy sighed. "Ok, you can go." George rolled his eyes, and so did everyone else in the car. But no one asked, because they knew she wouldn't tell them, and they didn't need to know. Ivy sat in the back of the car, hoping that the couple was just very bad at receiving directions. She was upset that she had told them her name. What if they followed her? They looked scared when she said her name. Now she was scared. But they would have no idea where she was going. She pushed back her brown hair. She had her friends beside her, and she knew she was safe. But, was she really? They were plotting against other friends behind their backs. Who knew if they were plotting against her? This made her nervous. She would make sure that she looked behind her at the beach.

"Hey, how much farther," Ivy asked George, even though she knew the answer.

"A few minutes," said George. Mallory whispered something to him, and he glanced behind him. "So, are you, um, nervous about the big test coming up?"

"Oh, yeah I guess." Ivy had been chosen for a special test for gifted people. She was to looking forward to it, because she didn't like to stand out from the crowd. She may have been special, but she would never show that side of her to ANYONE. She wanted to be the girl that people saw as pretty, or popular, not the super smart girl that everyone came to for help on homework. She hated the girls that were "nerds." She knew that sounded shallow, but they annoyed her, and they seemed to know everything. She didn't want to be thought as someone like that, even though deep down she was.

"We're hereā€¦," Sierra said in a sing-song voice. Ivy took a deep breath. No one had followed her, yet, and she was now with about 17 other people. She was safe. The group grabbed the beach chairs, the blankets, the umbrellas and the surfboard. All of Ivy's friends started heading to the water. Ivy stayed behind for a moment. She looked behind her. The couple from earlier was standing there, staring at her. They had followed her.

Ivy ran over to her friends. She didn't say anything, but in her face showed fear. If anyone had noticed, no one said anything. She walked to the sand where her friends and she found a spot near the ocean. She decided to take a quick dip in the water as her friends set up their stuff. The water was cool, and she was happy to be in a place where no one was around her. She swam further and further away from her friends, until she could hardly see them. She knew that it wasn't safe, but it was fun for her. The waves splashed over her and she dove under them. This is what authors mean when they say someone's frolicking, Ivy thought to herself. She laughed. No one could hear her here. And, most importantly, it would be almost impossible for someone to follow her here. Ivy saw some fish swim by her. How interesting would it be to swim under water, ivy thought. To not breath the outside air, but to breathe through gills. Ivy liked to think crazy thoughts when she was alone, because then, no one could judge her. Unlike when she was with her friends, they judged her. She seemed to be the leader of the group, but if she wasn't looking "cool" enough for them, they'd commit "mutiny" for the day and kick her out. It annoyed her.

But it didn't matter, because she was so content with her surroundings. The waves were huge, and they were getting bigger and bigger. A larger wave came and crashed over her. She fell under the wave. She came back to the surface, gasping for air. More large waves were coming, and she tried swimming back to shore. She was scared now, even more than she had been when people were following her. Another huge wave came up, and she was lost beneath it. She couldn't breathe and could view. Ivy opened her eyes, but only saw murky water. She started to cry a bit, since for some reason she still couldn't get back up to the surface. Then a flower passed by and she smiled, before she saw a face, a face she had seen before, and all went black.