There once was a girl named Alexa. When she was in seventh grade she fell in love with a boy named William, who told Alexa he loved her. Alexa believed him, but she never got a chance to go out with him.

That same year, William graduated. Alexa came to his graduation so she could see him one last time, but he left before he even said goodbye to her.

It broke Alexa's heart to see him leave. She had never gotten his number, so there was no way of contacting him.

The night of William's graduation, Alexa vowed to never fall in love with another guy ever again.

During her eighth grade year, Alexa's best friend, Aniah, convinced her to go out with her step-brother, Isaiah. Alexa refused at first, but Aniah was persistent and Alexa finally agreed to it.

In the middle of the school year, a new guy came to Alexa's school. He begged Alexa to date him. Alexa politely declined, stating that she already had a boyfriend.

A couple weeks after the new kid, Jayden, came, Alexa broke up with Isaiah. He never talked to her anyways, and whenever he talked to Alexa, he would talk about other girls he thought were hot.

Jayden continued to ask Alexa to go out with him, and after a month, she said yes.

When they graduated, Jayden decided to go to the high school that Alexa was going to, so they wouldn't have to have a long distance relationship.

In high school, all the girls were jealous of Alexa. All the hot guys were always asking her out, and wanted to hang out with her. Everyone thought she had the perfect life. Well, everyone but Alexa thought that.

Alexa still loved William, but she was slowly giving her heart away to other guys. All of them broke her heart.

By her senior year, Alexa had gone out with five of the hottest guys in school. All of them broke up with her because she was a good girl, and refused to have sex.

One extra fine guy, Jayden, still liked her and asked her out again.

Alexa was reluctant to say yes to him, because he was a player and had cheated on her before.

Jayden promised her that he really did love her, and never wanted to see her hurt again.

Alexa fell for his meaningless words as she had so many times before, and was once more his girlfriend.

Alexa was with Jayden for longer than any other guy she dated. She was going out with him when they started college.

After a year of dating him, the relationship became abusive. Jayden would beat her every day, but Alexa had already stopped caring about herself, and let him do it.

One day, she skipped classes and was wandering around the city to see what she had been missing.

While she was walking, a man called out to her. Curious to find out whom it was, Alexa wandered over to him.

"Do I know you?" she timidly asked.

He avoided her question, but replied, "Alexa, I never stopped loving you. You're always on my mind and every day I regret not talking to you more."

Alexa gasped. "William?"

"Yes," the man whispered.

Alexa grew light-headed as the man pulled her close to his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and gazed into his chocolate brown eyes.

"I love you," she quietly said.

Just then, Jayden came walking towards them. Alexa could tell he was mad and drunk.

Jayden attacked William. William was sober, so naturally, he fought better. Jayden punched William in the chest, and William fell to the ground. Alexa ran to his side to see if he was okay, and Jayden slapped her in the face. Alexa screamed and threatened to call the police if he didn't leave. Jayden smacked her again, and Alexa started to cry. William called the cops, and Jayden was arrested.

The next day, William proposed, and Alexa immediately accepted. She was happy for the first time in a long time.

William and Alexa are now happily married with a daughter named Alexis who is two years old.