AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: 100 Words Exactly

Approx. Words: 170

DATE: March 14, 2012 (created)

NOTES: This piece is recently done in-class. It was to show the nature of a relationship, as well as show conflict. What could it be? I just delved right into the assignment. I had to cut away chunks when I was done to get to the 100 Words requirement. I've decided to update this story in its unaltered entirety. Since it was done in class, she just looked at it, and gave us all credit… Oh well. This is just a drabble/flash fiction piece again. I thought it was somewhat intriguing in a Mary Shelly-esque plot. Let me know what you think the underlying conflict is, and how it worked. I warn you now, the ending is up for interpretation.

Chancing God

He had done it. There is, finally, a creature strapped down on a cold metal table. In this moment, he would turn a fierce thing into the glorious form of the divine. The scientist, this outcast, would make an animal a man. With this last injection, this last shock, this last tiny bit of transfusion, he would have his ultimate masterpiece. A thing of perfect beauty—if a little too lean, little too strong—but, it would only be that much more majestic. Glancing down, he caught sight of subdued, dark eyes. Behind the groggy depths was a spark of intelligent worry. It gave him pause. Was it aware it would be forever changed? Nothing was going to be easy for this animal ever again. It would become a part of human life. It could not return to it's earthy home. This creature would be cast out, but in this alienation, it might have a chance for salvation! And, perhaps too, might the scientist have his first chance at something. Something like… like…?