AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: Beginnings

Approx. Words: 200 Words

DATE: March 11, 2012 (created)

NOTES: This particular assignment in my Eng. 11 class was to create a dynamic beginning. We had to look at 3 different pieces of writing and copy it as best we could. This piece was done in the style of "The Minister's Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This is the third intro I experimented with, and my favorite. Why you might ask? I love detail-oriented works of fiction. On careful and furthered looks, I can see why my modernist teacher did not appreciate it in comparison to the previous two. However, it is a better representation of most of the writing I create. I'm uploading this piece simply because it was part of the assignment and at least one person was interested enough to comment about the other pieces.

Ended Up North

She stood on the rock-encrusted shoreline, without protection for her soft feminine soles, all in the midst of a squall. The salt wind snapped her ash colored hair across her cheeks like lashes from a slave driver's whip and, if one would believe it, it stung more than her blistering feet curling on the cutting edges of the stones. She never cried out against the cruel thrashing her body took. The woman merely stood, like the biblical pillar, starring past the slate gray skies that railed the heavens and blurred the horizon into a mass of chaos. Anyone would be lost, tricked by the optical illusions these types of storms caused. However, this foolish woman was different—she was lost anyway. No matter what direction she took, she innately thought it was all norths, and she could recall no roads nor destinations… save for this isolated beach. This one she remembers from youth, before misfortune snatched away her loved ones like a night-wise thief. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is because the path was North. Somehow, in some small way, Rariele knew this was true North, and ended up on this beach as if she wasn't altogether mad.