The Facets of I

I laugh

About life

Bouncing humor

And at pointless strife.

I cry

For the weak and pained

For any creeping heartache

And to those who are strained.

I comfort

An untouchable heart with wings

A lost, wandering soul

And most anything in between.

I hide

Behind a tall gray wall

Inside a shielded heart

Cautious to come out at all.

I see

The world; mine and yours

The strangest details

A smirking fence at my door.

I hear

The cries of sorrow

The jocund guffaws

The morning alarm of tomorrow.

I wait

For the day I am visible

Your eyes shine in mine

When my fantasies are no longer fictional.

I hope

For an everlasting season of something more

For peace and content grins

When all the gratification is pure.

I'm okay

Waiting behind the lines

Secretly wishing for impossibilities.

Because these are the best of times

And these are the facets of I.

A/N: Please no stealypants! This belongs to me! Thank you!