Chapter 5

The Human Who Passes

I sighed while wondering around the hallway. I couldn't believe the questions on the test! Most of them were weird, asking about some sort of power. I wrote a bunch of lies that wasn't true since, for some strange reason, I wanted to meet that girl again.
I had lied to Chou today cancelling our plans to go watch a movie just to come here. I must've gone mental or something since it's one thing to lie to your girlfriend, but it's another when you lie to the test which probably eliminates others for their safety.
"So they said to find a classroom filled with others but where exactly is that?" I sighed again with utter defeat. This school was definitely mysterious and probably the great fit for that weird girl.
Then a young-looking boy with orange hair poked his head out from one of the classrooms. He didn't look surprised to see me but instead told me, "Um, you probably don't want to go in here right now. There's a maniac girl right now attacking a teacher and probably attack you if she sees you right now."
"Uh... I think I'll still go inside and check it out." I felt a bit scared but I was still a guy and was ready to chance it.
"If you think you're going to wet your pants, you might as well not enter." The other guy snickered and disappeared back into the room.
I wanted to slam that guy into a wall and giving him a piece of my mind, but held it in and followed the guy into the classroom. As soon as I entered, I felt the strong presence of a killer and instantly heard the clanging of a desk being thrown against another.
I looked over to the side and gaped at the girl. Today she had the aura of evil intention. Today she looked like a murderer. Today she was covered everywhere in blood. Today she looked like a beast.
Today I felt pity for her.
I instantly saw that she was skidding backwards and would soon end probably going through the wall. On instinct, and possibly out of stupidity, I lunged towards her to slow her down at least a little bit. I made it in time but she brought me back with her and we both slam easily into the wall.
"Crap, the bad shoulder!" I moan with pain as constant sharp shocks came from my left shoulder.
"Tch... Idiot..." It's definitely her all right. No mistake about it especially since she paused. She quickly got back on to her feet and left the room.
"You're the idiot who almost went through a wall or two! Do you want to pay for the damage?" I shouted to her back but she didn't respond. I frowned, suddenly wanting to kick her ass and get at least a yelp out of her.
"Eh, she calmed down?" A voice spoke. The man looked like a teacher and I felt sudden distrust to this teacher. "Amazing boy, I thought she would rip this place down."
"Hah? What's so amazing about me? I just walked in here and she calmed down is all." I retorted.
"Uh... She went suicidal until you came inside. She wasn't calming down until you came in... Let's forget about it for now. What's your name?" The teacher smiled and I felt a chill in my back.
"Matsumoto, Akira. Who are all of you?" I asked.
"Kobayashi, Kaito, hello new student."
"Yamauchi, Aoi, do you want to play with me sometime?"
"Hmph, I could've taken her down. Yoshida, Shouta."
Finally, the smiling teacher introduced himself. "No you couldn't, Shouta. Even I had a hard time just defending myself. My name is Suzomi, Tokumai."
Then I noticed a change. A few seconds ago his hair was black and his eyes were yellow, but now it had changed to where he had blond hair and black eyes with a british accent. "Uh... Wha?"
"Oh, my sudden change of appearance? It changes when I'm going into battle mode or normal mode. Right now I'm in normal!" His smile never disappeared and I wondered how it would look if I tried to get rid of that smile.
"So," the boy whose name was Aoi appeared right in front of me out of nowhere. "What's your power? Mines a mind-reader!"
"Uh..." Crap, a mind-reader? This could get complicated.
"Aoi, please understand this, his power has yet to bloom." Kaito, the teacher that I prefer, said. "He doesn't truly know about it yet."
"What?" I frown at the two teachers. "Does that mean you knew I lied on the test?"
"Obviously. Many kids lies in the test and we have someone to look through the test to be able to tell. Yours was in the stack of the unsures." Kaito said with a serious face unlike Tokumai who was just smiling away. "You're not an official student like Aoi or Riku, but you could be if your power suddenly starts. Unsures are the ones we think has powers but the powers have yet to take effect."
"Could a power make someone extremely handsome and all the girls would fall for him?" I asked as a joke.
"So that explains that girl and her actions." I thought of yesterday meeting her and shivered.
"You know something about Riku! That girl is extremely hard to understand. Look at her test with all of the power questions!" Kaito shoved the paper in my face and I unwillingly took it.
I glanced through the paper and figured out how the teachers knew she was a girl and not a guy. She had a question I didn't have: What gender are you? I continued to read it all and her poems and sighed. "Well, she answered truthfully."
"No she didn't." Kaito, Aoi, and Tokumai answered at the same time. I noticed how Shouta didn't add in. "The poems has no meaning at all according to the grader."
"Yeah it does." I showed them the first poem and read it outloud.

"I turn around to see

There is a difference in me

No one can be like me

For there is no hope for a swift death,

A tortured death,

Or death at all.

I search for the answer I have always wanted since being in this world

And I have not found it

Not now

Not before

And maybe never will."

"It means that she is not changing and nobody is like her for she can't die. She's tried dying in any way and searched for a way to die without luck." I shortened. I flipped the page around to the next poem.

"The night sky is filled with new hope

As I reach my destination with rope

And I start to fall.

No one around notices my action

No one realizes what I done

Yet I still breath

And feel like a doll

Stiff, unmoving, and not being swayed by the wind

Also like the rope that holds me."

"It means she tried to commit suicide by hanging and lived. She does it in front of people but they don't notice. She feels like a walking, talking doll that has no real purpose in life. See? They have a meaning." I handed the paper back to Kaito.
He reread all of the poems and tried to figure out their meaning. "Whoa, even the grader didn't catch that! That's awesome, Akira!"
"Not really." I shrugged. "If it wasn't since I talked about her with her roommate yesterday, even I wouldn't know."
"You know what?" I frowned at Tokumai who smiled as always. "You are a wonderful human we brought in, ya know that."