Our Routine

My eyelids slowly open, still tired from the eight hour re-boot, and I look around realizing I'm in his room. I breathe in a fresh breath of the scent of his cologne and I know he's close. My hearing perks up and my brain recognizes his soft breathing. On his desk next to the bed are his glasses. I pick them up and wipe them off on his shirt that I'm currently using as a night shirt. I finally turn to see the love of my life laying on his side and I smile at the sight. Not wanting to wake him up at the early hour of six o'clock I try my hardest to get out of his bed but I hear him stir.

"Good morning beautiful." His voice is slightly raspy from the lack of use during his slumber. He sits up rubbing the sleep from his eyes and pulls me into his arms. I get another breath of the smell that is purely my Keegan.

"Good morning sweetheart. Do you want breakfast?" I always love making breakfast for him. It may be my Italian side coming out or the fact that making him happy is the only thing important to me, or both. He nods and I go into his kitchen seeing that nobody else is up. He comes in behind me a couple minutes into my cooking and hugs me from behind planting soft, loving kisses on my cheek and neck. Immediately after releasing me he turns to our coffee machine and proceeds to make a cup exactly how I like and I smile, thinking of how much he loves me.

Time goes by and breakfast is eaten and it's time to get ready for the day. Moving in with him means I go to his school now but that's fine. Being with him makes it worth it. I moved in with him when I turned eighteen. My parents transferred me into his school for my eighteenth birthday and his mom welcomed me, and my rent, with open arms. Happy birthday Nikki, we're making you're dreams come true. I am not a bother in the house though, along with the rent I pay I clean, so much It's a little obsessive, but Jess doesn't mind, hell she loves it.

We leave for school all dressed and ready and holding hands we walk the extremely short distance to our high school. We go to my locker first and I put my jacket away and look at all the pictures of us and our friends. I walk him to his locker and I kiss him goodbye at the first bell signaling the start of classes.

After school we do our home work and I help him with math. He helps me with history of course. For a bit of leisurely fun we'll play xbox or roam about town a bit until dinner, unless one of us has work which for me is a lot. It's all worth it when bedtime rolls around.

After the pajamas are put on and the teeth are brushed its time to go to bed and he sleeps on the right side of the bed and I'm on the left. After a little while of cuddling talking and kissing his eyes begin to droop shut. I take his glasses away from the blue depths I get sucked into and put them on his desk. I kiss him for the last time that day and we get situated for sleep. We're both on our left sides with him behind me his arms wrapped around me to keep me safe and warm throughout the night. We mutter our 'I love you's and he falls asleep. I lay there admiring this incredible man laying in bed with me and can't help but feel and immense amount of love for him. Singing softly to the both of us I stay in his arms until I finally fall asleep. Tomorrow morning, we'll start the routine all over again. I'll love every minute of it.