Chapter one Anna quietly running past the house trying not to make a sound. "If they catch us were dead" she whispered to Aaron "I know he replied out of breath from running

Aaron was a slave of Anna s family. Anna s father was the major of their small town. Because of this every move Anna made was constantly under extreme scrutiny.
Anna had been "courting"(dating) Aaron in secret for many months. This isn t tolerable in the small town of savanna 's father also owned one of the biggest cotton plantations in the area which also met that he had the most slaves in the area The slaves were treated very poorly put into chains at night barley fed and forced to work in the wee hours of the morning till the late hours of the night.
Anna barley went outside the house because she couldn t stand seeing Aaron in his chains or poor condition. But she was very much in love with Aaron their love had to be secret for both of their safety.
Sometimes Anna snuck out of her bed at night just to speak with him for a second sometimes even less.

"Aaron I can hear the dogs Anna said her voice shaky from fear

"Anna we are far ahead the dogs you are hearing aren t real Aaron said with an odd sense of calm in his voice

"Why aren t you scared? Why are you so calm when we might die tonight?" Anna whispered

"Because I am here with you and if I die tonight it would be worth it because of the time i spent as a free man with you" Aaron said

Anna hears branches crunching and dogs braking

"Aaron run quickly that is them they are close!"

Aaron was 18 just like Anna he had been their slave for most of his life. Anna s family bought him when she was still a baby and he was had beautiful face his body chiseled. His face was covered in scars but yet still the most beautiful. He was quite and very smart Anna saw that. Late at night she would creep to where he was kept and would teach him how to read and write the best she could.
Aaron also was a very good man he kept all the other slave safe by taking the blame for what the others did. He would get beat by Anna s father almost daily.

Sprinting through the forest in the middle of the night breaking through bushes and bounding over rocks.

"Aaron I love you!" belted out Anna thinking she was going to die

"Anna I love you too we will make it through this I promise" Aaron replied

Gun shots were fired and blanket of smoke draped where they were

"Aaron!" Anna screamed as she kneeled down to see what happened Aaron was nicked by the bullet and was back running is seconds soon they found a safe place to hide out for the night.

"Aaron are you ok?" Anna spoke softly and delicately "I m fine" Aaron said with reassurance

Both were covered in cuts and bruises from head to toe and neither could seem to catch their breath.

The first time Anna and Aaron spoke was amazingly simple Anna was out looking for her father and stumbled upon a 6 year old Aaron peeling potatoes.

"Have you seen my daddy?" Anna said "...No..." Aaron mumbled still starting at his feet "Are you sure?"
"Ye..." before Aaron could finish Anna s father busted through the doors "What do you think you re doing talking to this filthy slave?" Anna s father said with extreme hatred in his voice "No i was..."
"You are to never speak to these "things"" that word sent a chill down Anna s spine "Yes father" Anna said and ran out of the room forgetting why she needed him,

They both fell asleep almost instantly after reviewing their current condition. But barley got any sleep Anna woke Aaron up at the crack of dawn and minutes later left.
"Aaron will we make it to Canada?" Anna asked "I...I don t know.." Aaron said sounding very insecure and scared

That was the first time ever heard Aaron be unsure of himself. This frightened Anna because she knew that if they didn t make it they would either be killed or die from hangar.