Ch.2 *******
Aaron was Anna s get away, her safe heaven. After piano lessons, dress fittings, tea in s, public meetings, and schooling Aaron was the only thing she looked forward too.

Aaron? Anna whispered into the dark hut ANNA GET DOWN! Aaron screamed

Before she could a rock came flying at her. A blood curdling screamed followed long with the sound of crunching bone.

What do you mean I don t know? Anna said in a terrified voice I don t know if we ll make it Aaron said with his voice trailing off

Anna stood still, stunned and as the shock seeped in her face became as pale as a cloud.

Oh .. Anna mind was obviously in a state of panic because the reality of what she had done finally started to sink in.

Anna knee was shattered from a slave who thought it was her father. Her father never knew the truth about how she truly got the wound. Aaron visited her even if was for seconds or only a glance that was enough to satisfy both of their needs. She was in her eyes destined to be with him forever. The thought that if it she hadn t recovered sent chills down her spine. *********
Anna you need to go back we might n Before he could finish Anna interrupted I m not leaving you Aaron Anna said with more force than she had ever used before

Aarons face stunned with the words Anna just spoke Aaron looked at her pale and thin covered in dirt her once golden locks that shined like the sun a mud brown color. Her garments once of value torn and messy. Aaron with a heavy heart full of doubt wondered why he let Anna do this to herself and she could have been so much but now so little.

Anna you must leave me so you will have your freedom and . Aaron I will never leave your side, no matter what Anna said with determination

Before Aaron could think of a response the yelling of the white men was herd.

Anna run now! Aaron said pushing her forward

Anna ran faster than she ever had before Aaron only a few feet behind her running faster and faster hearing the men get closer and closer. While looking back to see Aaron, Anna tripped over a thick root and went flying forward, knocked unconscious Aaron had to make a choice one that he regrets dearly.

Anna made an amazing recovery because of Aaron. His father in Africa was once a coveted doctor who could cure anything. He would make her the medicine that his father had once show him how to make once as a child. Every night he would go to give it to her no matter what. Even when Anna s father was there in the house.
Anna s father was a mean old man. He would treat the slaves worse than dirt. Anna detested him for that. He would strike Aaron in front of her which would kill them both. Anna tried to defend Aaron a few times but her father would hit her and yell Get out of the way or ill hit you again.

Aaron told Anna to never to do that again and that he could take the beatings but he couldn t take seeing her get hurt. She told him that she had to protect him and that it was an instinct and she couldn t take seeing him get hurt. No matter what she said he wouldn t let her.
Anna you can t do this for me I love you too much to see you get hurt for me Aaron said while holding her shoulders Anna did as he said but every time she was force to see it she died inside listening to his whimpers of pain. She would tend to his wounds at night and always begged him to let her defend him every time he declined.

The pain must be unimaginable Anna said with sorrow in her voice Every time he would decline pain to protect her from guilt.