Author's Note: I don't know how accurate this is. It is an overview of Queen Elizabeth's life.

The Redheaded Princess

~A Poem about Queen Elizabeth I of England~

At Hatfield she roams, living without a father,

Longing for the days when she will be Queen.

Nine years old and already the wisest,

Nine years old and expected to be an adult.

She seeks forgiveness, but Henry is a harsh man,

With a gentle soul.

She is equal in his temper,

And refuses to bow down.

The family is divided on religion,

Mary is Catholic and the rest are not.

Mary is dark and dangerous,

Dangerous to the redheaded princess.

Though it is cruel, she wants Mary dead,

For the redheaded princess believes she is most fit to rule.

Wars upon wars,

Battles upon battles,

Deaths upon deaths,

The redheaded princess waits.

She is just waiting and will not get involved.

She just wants for her time on the throne to come.

The redheaded princess waits until it is her time,

To rule old, mighty England,

And become the redheaded queen.


The Redheaded Princess by Ann Rinaldi