A troubled teen posts dark truths about herself on Facebook in an attempt to let her emotions out. No one knows who she is, the only information she has is what school she goes to, a picture of her cut arm, and occasional statuses she posts about her life.

But it gets worse than that. She's harmful to herself. She talks about cutting herself and a depression she is constantly undergoing. Finally she posts about something even worse than that. A post about her killing herself!

Tyler and his friends are her only hope. They have seven days until "bad things happen" and the clock is ticking fast. Without anyone willing to aid them, it's up to them to find this girl and hope to help her before it's too late.

Ch 1

"Tyler!" The teacher called furiously. I jumped up in my seat and looked up at her. "Did you enjoy your nap?" She asked me raising an eyebrow. I sat up straight and rubbed my eye.

"No," I replied almost offended. "It was a nightmare actually." I looked around. "And it looks likes the nightmare's still happening!" I pinched my arm. "Please wake up, please wake up…" The whole class laughed.

"Yes, yes Tyler that was a rather clever comeback. Since you're so clever why don't you do twelve extra homework problems tonight; I'm sure you can handle it. And don't give me that 'I was too tired' excuse again, you and I both know you have had plenty of sleep in my class already." She told me smiling and walking away.

"Good job mate," my friend Philip told me patting me on the back. "Keep this up and you're going to end up retaking the class next year.

"As if; I'll find a way to get my grade up," I told him with a smile. He stared at me for a minute and shook his head.

"I know that look. That's your thinking look. What could you passably be planning up in there?" He asked me almost frightened.

"I can't pass this class alone… Maybe I can get someone to help me out. Know anyone in this class that is good at algebra?" I asked him looking around again.

Everyone in this class either sucks at algebra or have better things to do than tutor me. No one really cares about the class and they often just listen to music the whole time or took a nap. If you think about it, I'm really not all that different. But I would rather study a little and get away with at least a C than to have to retake this dreadful class again next year.

"Well the only person in this class would have to be Megan," Phillip suggested. "She is really shy but maybe if you get to know her a little you two can become good friends."

Megan sits in the back of the room next to our friend Sam. Megan has brownish red hair and a dark grey jacket. I've talked to her a few times but not a full conversation or anything. But what I did know about her though is that she has over a hundred percent in this class and if she can help me out then I'll go for it.

I made my way to the back of the room and walked over to Sam first as an excuse to be there. Sam has long black hair and mostly dark clothing. She has a lip piercing of a snake and a drawn tattoo of a lion on her neck. She must be one of the most amazing artists I have ever met at this school.

"Sup Ty you didn't text me back last night," she told me without showing any expression. That's how she usually is. I've only seen her smile once and she doesn't even find any of my jokes amusing.

"Sorry my Dad told me that I couldn't text anymore until I got my algebra grade up. Think you can help me out?"

"You want me, to help you, with algebra?" She chuckled. "You have a fifty percent in this class and I have a forty. If you really want someone to help you than you might want to ask Megan."

I turned to look over at Megan. I noticed her green eyes stare into mine and there was a moment where I forgot we were even on Earth anymore. I've never noticed how beautiful she was before.

"It's okay you don't need to help me if you don't want too," I told her smiling. I didn't expect a response from her since she rarely speaks but she did and what she said made my heart stop for a moment.

"No I can help you. If I don't you will fail and I wouldn't be able to see you again next year," She told me.

It was silent for a moment. Sam's mouth was open wide for she didn't see that coming either and Phillip who "just happened to be walking by" stopped too.

"Go on," Phillip coughed as me made his way back to his seat. I got back to Earth and tried to think of something to say back to her.

"That's very nice of you to try and help me," I told her almost coughing on my own words. The awkwardness of this conversation was almost making me sweat and the cold air of Chicago Illinois felt suddenly like a parched desert.

"I'll see you tomorrow okay then we'll talk," she said smiling putting her things away in her backpack. I nodded and began walking back to my seat seeing how we only had two minutes left of class.

"I never thought this would happen. A girl actually hitting on you… You of all people. You've never even kissed a girl before and now suddenly one actually likes you." Phillip said shaking his head once more. "And a shy girl who never even talks to anyone… I'm proud of you bro."

Phillip patted my back and began heading out the door as the bell rang. He towered far above all the other students being about six foot tall. He was far taller than most freshmen here.

Phillip is probably the only reason that I've never really been picked on at this school. I'm about average height for a fourteen-year-old freshman, but compared to him, I'm a midget and a twig. Despite being really tall, he also a decent amount of muscle and just seemed like someone you don't want to mess with.

I was going to talk to Sam on the way out but I can only talk to her so much. She is just so strange and independent. She was a friend of mine but we never talked outside of Algebra ever. She texts me once in a while but I rarely answer and just make up some lame excuse about it later on… I guess I feel kind of bad about it, but I don't think she really cares.

When school ended I hopped on the bus and was finally home. My little brother Dakota was running around the living room with his toy plane in his hand acting like it was a fighter jet and my Mom was cutting up an apple in the kitchen.

"How was school?" She called as I began walking up the stairs.

"Never been better," I responded sarcastically dragging my feet as I walked. When I got up the steps I walked into my room and tossed my backpack on my bed. I opened it and pulled out my math homework so I could at least attempt to do it.

I stared down at the paper gripping my pencil in my hand angrily as I wrote down the number one down and rewrote the problem on a lined sheet of paper. I looked down at it and began thinking to myself, what number when squared goes into 529? I began thinking of the answer in my head. Slowly my mind started to wonder off like it usually does.

Does she really want to help me out tomorrow? Was she just being nice or did she really mean what she said? I thought to myself. A picture of Megan flashed in my head and brought me back to reality.

Focus! I mentally yelled to myself. I took the work to the side starting with ten and going up from there. Ten squared is 110. Eleven squared is 121. Twelve squared is 144… Finally I reached my answer: 23. But that one was simpler and they get more complex as you go down the worksheet; especially if you have to do twelve extra problems for homework…

By question four I was ready for a break. I went on my computer and decided to check my Facebook. I logged in as Tyler Flin and scrolled through my newsfeed.

On the top of the page, a one appeared next to the friend requests tab. I clicked on it.

It was a girl by the name of Kailey Smith. By the looks of her mutual friends I noticed that she was from my school so I added her. Though I wasn't quite sure I knew who she was. The profile picture was small so I clicked on it to blow it up.

My eyes opened wide when I saw her picture. It was a picture of her arm and had the word DONE written across it. And it wasn't just written with pen either. It was carved into her skin with a knife; and by the looks of it a sharp knife. Her arm was tinted red from dry blood and she had many scars on her arm from previous cuts.

I looked all over her Facebook page for any information about her. All the info it showed was her name, the school she goes to, and that one picture of her arm. By looking at her age, she was fifteen but there was no information regarding the month and day.

Her wall was what really surprised me when I saw it. It was her talking about her life. The most recent one wrote: There is this guy I like in sixth hour. I wonder if he feels the same way. And a status from yesterday wrote: I feel like I have to tie myself to the chair just to avoid doing drugs again. There were many posts about drugs, cutting, thoughts of suicide, and every once in a while a sense of hope; but very rarely.

She was about same age as me whoever she is. Though I don't know anyone named Kailey that go to my school. It says she is a freshman so she is in the same grade as I am. My school has about 1200 students. That means 400 kids each grade. I know just about every freshman; or at least I thought I did until now. The name Kailey just sounds so unfamiliar to me.

After a while longer of looking through her posts, I clicked out of Facebook and "attended" back to my homework.