The Piano

In a small workshop in a busy city,

I was born.

My skin black ebony, my hands ivory white

Perfectly sculpted curves, a shimmery metallic dress,

They said I was beautiful.

On a dark cold stage in a warm sunlit room

I stood.

Many asked to dance with me,

And I took their hands, and we danced.

Some stepped on my toes,

I winced.

Others gracefully guided my body,

And I let them whisk me away.

An elderly man who could not dance

Stroked my body.

He said he admired my beauty,

He lifted me from my sunlit room

In the midst a room crowded with tables and people,

I stood.

Many who could not dance took my hand

I danced with them anyway.

I was still young, but my shoes had begun to wear down.

I was tired.

Drunkards stroked my sides and tugged me this way and that

No one told me I was beautiful.

After years, a man came to look at me

We danced.

He told me I was too beautiful to be in a place like this.

He lifted me from the crowded room.

He gave me new shoes, and a new dress.

I felt young.

He put me on a long and empty stage

That opened to a wide expanse of seats.

Everyday we danced together.

He loved me.

Sometimes we danced in the company of others

Sometimes it was just the two of us.

And then one day there were so many watching

He held my hand.

And in front of so many eyes

He enveloped me, embraced me.

I have never danced so passionately before.

We became one.

I melted into his arms,

He and I were just one figure, twirling on a long wide stage.

And then there was a roar.

People clapped.

He grabbed my side, and bowed.

He was smiling.

After that I danced with many

All were skilled.

But none made love to me

Like that man did.

And then, it was over.

I was old.

My dress frayed, my shoes worn.

They told me I could no longer dance.

I saw my replacement.

She was beautiful.

Her skin shone, her dress glistened.

When she danced, it was deep and bright and youthful.

They put me in a cold dark room.

I was alone.

For many years no one danced with me

No one told me I was beautiful.

And then a man came to look at me,

We danced.

His face was worn with age, but I recognized him.

He lifted me from the cold dark room.

I was placed by a window, in a warm sunlit room

He smiled.

And together, for a long time we danced.

"I've been looking for you," he whispered.

I had been looking for him too.

The end.