Fumbling toward confusion, the passion for making dreams come true is gone. Me, myself and I, wisdom doesn't want anything to do with this broken union. Within the blink of an eye, the color pink is traded in for a black ink pen and red crimson scarlet bloodstains. Unable to think clearly, my very unreliable memory skills kills my once smart conscience. Unthinkable mindless stupid behavior puts a bitter taste in the mouth of Cupid in an attempt to steal away his youth. The bloody thirsty shark, dark horse, failure is the cure for a broken down car so called intelligence. Inevitable, brain freeze makes me sneeze killing any hopes of reclaiming my innocence, knowledge. The spot light fades to black and my name is thrown into a bonfire at nighttime. Lacking common sense, I am no longer a famous genius that is sitting on top of the world. Dying inside, I am beside myself and there is a huge hole in my heart. I miss being in the presence of the lord, therefore I am longing to become whole in Jesus. Torn from mother nature's womb, I am a heartless tin man walking around with a numb dumb green thumb. Swimming in deep water, the sweetest sin was to think evil thoughts and sleep with the enemy known as the devil. The sweetest sin was to dream and then get out my swords, scream out curse words. Shaken to the core of my existence, I wear a frown on my face and decide not to seek help. My beautiful relunctant and difficult bride, my pride, finds it hard to stick around for the next wave tide at dawn. Everlasting, God's amazing saving grace is merciful toward me and corrects my wayward negative mindset. Against all odds, the best is still yet to come for this restless relentless soul of mine.