Dreaming Reality

When I awake

I wish I were asleep

All these years I've been dreaming

Of you and I

In my dreams we are the couple

I am the princess

My prince is always you

And you would come to my rescue

But, sadly dreams only last in the night

And in the morning I am forced to awake

Awake to a cruel world

Where you never pay me a passing glance

Why can't my dreams be a reality?

Because dreaming of you

Is so much better than never

Seeing your smile

So much better than never seeing your

Enchanting eyes

So much better than never

Hearing your voice

All I ever wanted for so long

Was to stay asleep

And dream about what I wish I could keep

But recently I've been awaken

Or should I say your eyes have opened

My dreams are slowly turning into reality

You're finally noticing me for me

I watch as your smile grows wider towards me

And your eyes get brighter

Your voice gets softer

I find you by my side

More often than normal

I can see the marks of blush on your cheeks

When you've said too much

I know you're hiding for fear it won't work

But wait

One day we'll be a work of art

If I'm truly dreaming a reality

Then you'll always be with me

Don't walk away for something easier

Dreams are always hard to reach

Without a plan

And all these nights,

I've been dreaming that we can

We can make it

We can make

Our dreams reality