Once a pon a time there was five camels.

A monkey came to them and said "I have food for you."

The camels became very happy because they were very hungry.

One clever camel thought "If I make the other camels angry than they will leave and I can eat all the food myself." He started insulting the other camels. He said they were ugly, fat, and stupid. The other camels got angry and left the clever camel ate all the food himself. He sat on the ground and felt happy and full.

Then he got hungry again and he looked for the monkey.

He saw the monkey in a tree, "Monkey can you give me more food? I am hungry."

The monkey shook his head, "That was only one time. You can't expect me to give you food all the time. Find the other camels and tell them to help you. I am a monkey. You are a camel. Ask your own to help you."

The camel shook his head, "But the other camels hate me after what I did to them.

The monkey shrugged, "I can't help you."

The camel went back to find the other camels and begged them for help. One after another they all refused him. Until finally he came to the last camel.

The last camel turned around, "What do you want?"

"I need your help," begged the clever camel. "I'm so hungry. Please help me. I realize that we have to work together. We are camels, after all."

The last camel did not answer for a minute. "I see. So the monkey doesn't want to help you. Now you come crawling back for us to help you, because you only remember when you are hungry that we are camels. I see you are a foolish camel, but you are still our brother. This world is not like before. It is harder. We have to help each other. But brother you must never forget that you are only a camel and the only ones you have is us. Promise to never forget that."

The clever but foolish camel promised to never do it again and he never did. The camels worked together and they lived happily ever after.